Game Review: Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock

By Aritro Roy

Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock

Platform – PS 3

Publisher / Developer – Activision / Neversoft Ent

Score : -999 / 10

Game sucks…… you like music, you like metal, buy a real f&%$##@*g guitar. Video games are an occasional escape from reality and not a damn replacement for it. If you like sports and/or music, do the real thing. Not a f*&^&^%g half-assed imitation of a glorious form of art. This review covers every guitar hero-esque and sport-esque game ever released. Compare masturbation to a real f&%k……

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1 Response to “Game Review: Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock”

  1. 1 Han
    February 17, 2011 at 03:36

    Agree. Game sucks.


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