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Vegan Musicians On Veganism: Shibam Talukdar (Knight)

Shibam Talukdar

Age: 25

Band: Knight (guitar, vocals)

When, how and why did you go vegan?

I went vegan in July, 2017. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was around that time that I quit all non-vegan products. I quit meat first and then gradually decreased the consumption of dairy products till I finally quit them. Giving up meat was not difficult for me. Since childhood, I have seen animals getting butchered in meat shops and I had always felt guilty about eating animals. However, conditioning overpowered any sense of guilt I had and I continued eating meat until one day when I thought that I had had enough and I was not going to have animals killed for my food. When I started reading articles and watching documentaries on veganism, I got to know of the cruel dairy/egg/leather/silk/honey/wool industry practices and I decided that it was time quit all non-vegan products for good.

IMG_2368I went vegan because I felt that it was unjust to exploit, abuse, enslave and murder animals for our interest. I believe that an individual should be accountable to themselves for their actions and choices. Harming sentient beings for our enjoyment is not only unfair, it’s unnecessary. The environmental impact of animal agriculture also added to the many reasons why I turned vegan.

Do you have any nonhuman companions?

No, I don’t.

Do you help animals in any way?

I am not associated with any NGO or animal rescue body, but I try to help animals at an individual level. If I see any animal in trouble, I try to get them out of it.

What do you think is the way forward for veganism in India?

When I was very new to veganism, I did not have any idea about how massive the Indian vegan community was. I got to know of the scale of the vegan movement in India when I joined the ‘Vegans in India’ group on Facebook.

It is true that a majority of Indians are non-vegans. It’s ridiculous that people associate eating animals/dairy products with Indian culture, but sadly that is how it is in most parts of this country. There are also vegetarians who feel morally superior to non-vegetarians, and when you show them what goes on in dairy industries, they make an exhibition of their utter indifference, unaccountability and stupidity.

It’s my belief that most Indians don’t even think that animal exploitation, abuse and murder are serious issues. Most of them go on to make a mockery of themselves by giving ludicrous statements justifying their eating habits with no logical basis whatsoever.

However, from what I have been seeing, veganism is on the rise in India and more people are becoming aware of the vegan lifestyle. Thanks to the many sensitization movements going on in different parts of this county, people are getting educated on veganism and hopefully they will make the right choice at the earliest.

SHIBAM TALUKDARPhysical and mental changes you’ve noticed since going vegan?

I think I am at peace with my conscience now that I’m vegan, and I have much more clarity in thinking and of the general philosophy of life than I used to. Physically, I feel more agile and active than before.

What kind of food do you like and dislike?

I am a sucker for healthy food. I like trying different cuisines and experimenting with my food. Of late, I have developed a distaste for junk food and processed foods and although I do make exceptions from time to time, I try to eat what’s good for my body.

Tell me about your most memorable meal and restaurants you like to visit.

I have had many memorable meals and it’s hard to choose the most memorable from amongst them. I would like to visit Carrots (Bangalore), The Vegan Oven (Ludhiana), Bodhi Greens (Dharamshala), Jumping Beans (Bangalore), Vegan Burger Kitchen (Mumbai), Ahimsa – The Vegan Café (Shirdi), etc.



Diabetes Reversed with a Raw Vegan Diet


Mr Anil Nagpal of Mumbai, India has reversed his condition which he was told would be an incurable lifelong problem, by cutting out all cooked food and adopting a raw food diet. He became a raw foodist for health reasons and is now vegan for ethical reasons. This is his story of victory over diabetes in his own words.

anil_nagpal“It’s official: I am no more diabetic! Yet another miracle in my life, 10 years after being diagnosed with diabetes! I have been able to reverse my diabetes!

My first-ever Hba1c report without Medications is 5.6, which is lower than the threshold of 5.7 for pre-diabetes.

Once again, speechless at yet another signal of blessings in abundance for which I am grateful to the Almighty, my yoga teacher, nutritionist, my family and all well-wishers including Ojas Raw Diet followers.

I hope this inspires all diabetics to fight and pray that every human on the planet enjoys perfect physical, mental and spiritual well being. Apart from getting off diabetic medication I have also overcome other lifestyle disorders like blood pressure, cholesterol. It is definitely a new phase of my life and I hope to improve my health everyday. The myth of these lifestyle diseases being non reversible is busted! Thank you once again!”


Mr Anil Nagpal can be contacted on Facebook and on 9892718032 

CLICK HERE to join the WhatsApp group achieve optimal health and reverse any disease and heal yourself completely with a RAW VEGAN DIET



Vegan Food in Mumbai: The Fluffiest Poha in the Suburbs

THINKING ABOUT WRITING this post got me thinking about how popular food gets bastardized and sometimes for the better. For example, pav bhaji is a Maharashtrian invention which the Gujaratis are rocking, but the topic merits a separate blog post.

pohaKanda poha (kande pohe sounds even uglier) is a Marathi snack item, I found out a few years ago. Of course that stuff prepared in Marathi homes could be worth eating, but the stuff sold on the streets in the morning, along with upma and sheera and sabudana khichdi, is nowhere close to the fabulous bataka pauwa that was made at my house for breakfast very often. With a mug of hot ginger/mint/lemongrass tea, there are few things that beat bataka pauwa as breakfast. No, I’m just fucking with you guys; there are a fuck-load of things that make breakfasts worth waking up in the morning for.

So, the kande-pohe/kanda-poha (kanda = onion) isn’t something I’ll eat ever again, because it does not make sense to have the flavour of onion in it. Luckily for many people who share my disgust of kanda in poha, a Marwadi man from Rajasthan sells poha on Old Nagardas Road in Andheri, outside Veerashaiva Bank, opposite some jewellery store. It isn’t hard to find; Banna, the good man, sells only poha – no upma, sheera or sabudana khichdi – and I’m glad he chose to focus on selling just poha, because he’s doing it right.

poha1The poha is not cooked with onions, but he sprinkles raw onions if you want, along with coriander, sev and lemon juice. My poha will never be topped with raw onions or farsan of any type (Why would anyone want to make poha crunchy? Eat a cucumber or something.), but the coriander and lemon juice enhance the flavour of the dish. I would have loved if the poha had bataka (potato), but I won’t complain because I’m just so happy to get poha fluffy as should be. Oh, and this has peanuts, and some of you like that, and it’s cooked in groundnut oil, in case you wanted to know.

poha2I’ve decided to eat fruits and other raw vegan food during the week and eat cooked vegan food on Sundays or other occasions, because as much as I want to go fully raw, most of the other vegans eat shit or don’t know how to write, so the ones who have taste in food and can put together an article have to…

Banna sells fluffy-as-fuck poha Rajasthani-Marwadi style on Old Nagardas Road in Andheri East outside Veerashaiva Co-op Bank. 7 am – 10:30 am on weekdays, and 7 am to noon on Sundays. Tell him the long-haired guy who comes on the cool bike sent you.

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Why Vegans Eat Mock Meats And Dairy Alternatives





Vegan Dictionary: Vegetarian (Meaning, Definition)

a person who believes s/he cares about animals but funds their exploitation in every way.

Why Vegans Eat Mock Meat And Dairy Alternatives

A few of my friends have been wondering what the point of faux meat is.

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1. People don’t go vegan because they don’t like the look, smell, taste or texture of animal foods. They switch to cruelty-free alternatives because they understand that animals need not be involved at all.

2. Plant-based meats are obviously better for the planet in every way as plants don’t require as much water as ‘livestock’ does. Also, read up about the land use required for and methane release caused due to animal agriculture. (It is the Number One cause of environmental destruction.)

mockmeat_fauxmeat3. Wouldn’t you like to eat a vegan steak that looks, smells, tastes and feels exactly like animal flesh but doesn’t require anybody to suffer and die? One of the many benefits of making cool choices is that you won’t be ingesting animal fat or cholesterol and will be being kinder to yourself as well. Why not play with a pig and eat a large pizza with plant-based ‘pork’ toppings and stretchy, gooey vegan cheese?

4. Meat-free and dairy-free alternatives are for the awesome people who want to pull out of the cycle of violence but don’t want to switch to fruits and vegetables right away and want to enjoy burgers and tacos and pizzas and steaks and everything else they can have Vegan.

If there’s anything at all that you’d like to know about the mental, physical or environmental benefits of being Vegan, please ask me or any Vegan you know. We will kick your…um, we’ll be glad to answer your queries.


2017 Metal Releases: Music Fans Talk About Albums They’re Looking Forward To This Year


GAURAVPASUPALETISOUTHLANEThe Indian release that I’m looking forward to this year is by the Thrash Metal band from Kerala “Chaos“. Their new single song “All Against All” from the album second album “All against All” is a mix of thrash metal with a blend of melodic guitar solo. Their previous album “Violent Redemption”  is a heady concoction of politics and metal. That album had an impact on me personally as a thrash fan. Their sound stays true to the old school thrash metal with frenetic riffing, high tempo drumming, and vocal style.

MASTODON_EMPEROROFSAND_ALBUMCOVER_ARTWORKThe most awaited international release for me this year has to be by the band “Mastodon“. My first experience with “Mastodon” was with their 2006 release “Blood Mountain“. These guys blend in some traditional heavy metal with progressive metal giving birth to a genre which is still a mystery to me. With every album this band grows unto me. None of their album is similar to the previous album. Every album has some newer elements that these guys add to their recent release. This band is a joyride which is one hell of it’s kind. Their new single song “Sultan’s Curse” off from their album “Emperor Of Sand” is  a must listen for you guys. “Emperor of Sand” which is the 7th studio album is scheduled to release on 31st of March. Check ’em out.


There are very few bands in the Indian metal scenario that play doom metal in its traditional form, and Djinn & Miskatonic is definitely one of them. I always liked the eeriness mixed with heaviness in their sound and the amazing conceptual lyrics. Their debut record, ‘Forever in the Realm’ was a complete win with me so really looking forward to their upcoming release!

coroner_bandThe Teutonic thrash masters Coroner are set to release their much awaited 6th album, Autopsy in 2017 after a long gap of 24 years! Coroner has always been a band who never really got the spotlight like the other Teutonic giants such as Kreator, Sodom, or Destruction. However to me they have been a quintessential source of inspiration, and are definitely one of the best bands to have come out of the 80s Thrash Metal movement. Honestly speaking, very few thrash metal bands out there can match up to the technical prowess of Coroner!


I was quite oblivious to Chaos‘ music until I heard their debut album Violent Redemption sometime last year. The riffs on that record are just perfect thrash – a little bit of crazy and loads of aggression. I also got to catch them live at a gig recently in Mumbai and they were absolutely spot on. After all I have heard and watched of them, I am quite sure their next album “All Against All” is going to be a rager for sure.

conformicide-coverHavok – great band, great writing and I love their energy live. Again, came across this band quite recently, but must say, they stand out in the crowd of ‘Neo-thrash’ bands with their take on the genre. As I write this their 4th studio effort Conformicide is being released worldwide and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!



UNDYING_INC._ALPHAABSOLUTE_ARTWORKI am really really stoked for the new Decapitated album that’s gonna hit us a like freight train this summer. This band is something I really look forward to, I have been a fan of all of their previous work and really can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

And the Indian release that I am excited about is Undying Inc‘s new single Alpha Absolute. This band really knows their blend of technicality and groove. With a new member added to the band, looking forward to this one also.





DORMANTINFERNO_BANDThere’s just one international project I’m always looking forward to: Paysage d’Hiver – cold, carsh, Raw Black Metal from Switzerland which undoubtedly, in my opinion, is the greatest Black Metal project on this planet. No other band expresses the language of winter landscape, night and desolation as perfectly as Wintherr does. True to the underground, he releases music without any formal announcement. ‘Das Tor‘ was released in 2013 so I’m really looking forward to this year being the one. And from India: Dormant Inferno – No announcement yet but I remember reading somewhere that they’re writing new music. If that happens, we may see one of the best Death/Doom releases of the year. Very consistent quality and excellent musicians who’ve kept the beautiful genre alive in India. Another notable release I’m looking forward to is the Shepherd / DEATHBYFUNGI split.


Rumour has it that Alice In Chains are working on a new record and to be out sometime this year. While I got introduced to them very recently, (with The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Yeah, I know :/) they have been the strongest musical influence on me in recent times. Primitiv tracks like World War Zero, and some new one’s to be coming out soon have Chains written all over them if you listen closely.  And Chaos – hands down the best Thrash Metal I’ve come across from India. Their debut album – Violent Redemption is one of my all time favourites. Exodus and Overkill (forgotten thrash legends for the most part) influences are evident, and well produced. Their title track released last week sounds even more promising.



narayananharidasAfter their successful release of Violent Redemption in 2015, the Kerala “flag bearers of Thrash Metal in India” metallers are back with a much faster and heavier album “All Against All” set to release in 2017. In their first album. they focussed more on social or political significance. In the upcoming album, they talk about things that separate and segregate people into different categories. So, if you are looking for faster and heavier thrash metal this should be your pick. Carach Angren is a symphonic black metal band from the Netherlands, formed by two members of the now-defunct bands Inger Indolia and carachangren_bandVaultage. Their style is characterized by prominent use of orchestral arrangements. They set themselves apart from other symphonic black metal artists in showcasing songs often using multiple languages apart from English, such as French, German and Dutch, though every song does use English as a baseline and certain choruses or sections will make the transition. Although there is not much information on their release this year but they sure are releasing before end of this year. Watch out for them!


As an artist, one must always be on the lookout for new and interesting musical releases – be it a canonical band or local, hidden gems. But personally, I am psyched about Belphegor‘s next album release due on the 7th of March this year. Belphegor has always had a special appeal for me : they are diabolical and brutal in a haunting way, a testimony of genuine extreme metal and true heaviness. As for band closer home, I’m looking for to Heathen Beast‘s next release. Their art is socially and politically charged, with a combination of a sound which spells absolute savagery. It’s a combination one simply cannot ignore.


supratimseen_fragarak_bandSUPRATIM SEN, FRAGARAK

I would be eagerly waiting to see what Trey conjures up in the upcoming Morbid Angel album with the new line up especially with Steve’s return in the band. Given how Immolation dramatically upped the death metal taste buds this year, it would be interesting to see what Morbid Angel brings to the table with their much awaited release. Also I have to add another significant look out for me this year, which would be to witness the return of Demonaz after a decade to take charge of Immortal‘s much hyped offering. Especially when the high point of the band’s career was wrought with Abbath blooming in all his glory, it would be intriguing to see the brand of black metal that Demonaz solardeity_forbiddenknowledge_album_cover_artworkbrings back with his sole contribution in the songwriting process. Coming down to the difficult part – Indian releases this year, admittedly since the personal favorites acts are few to list and more so cause they’ve come up with great releases last year already. Nevertheless, Solar Deity‘s upcoming release Forbidden Knowledge would definitely be in my watch out list, owing to the engaging and brooding atmosphere they introduce in their realms of traditional black metal roots. Also, Wintergate and Falcun are supposedly planned to release material this year, which should be exciting going by both the bands’ structured and ingenious approach to songwriting in their respective genres.


djinn&miskatonic_evengodsmustdie_albumcover_artworkDjinn and Miskatonic – Even Gods Must Die

My lovely friend JP’s band Djinn is a band that has always passed undetected on most Indians’ radar. Although the first album sold out completely, they still are very less talked-about. They’re extremely enjoyable and the debut is a great listen every now and then. I’m eager to get their sophomore release mostly because I enjoyed every demo that I’ve had the privilege of listening to, thanks to JP. The band and the debut, both have gone through a lot since the day of its release, mostly due to some pompous uncles so I can’t wait to see my favourite Indian doom band put out a great release and get everything they deserve.

brijraj_agarwalMemoriam – For the Fallen

Memoriam is Bolt Thrower‘s second incarnation. Half of it is the early (read trve) Bolt Thrower and the other half is the best English death metal has to offer. Plus, I haven’t heard much of Karl Willets since a decade so I don’t mind putting up with another 8 tracks featuring him. 😉 Andy Whale is returning after twenty years (correct me if I’m wrong!) and it’s just too much legacy in one album to miss. I’ve been expectant of this full length since last year’s demo releases (which sounded massive, BTW) but I was a bit disappointed in the first single. Nevertheless, I’m still full of spirits!



Prateek Rajagopal is like Prashant Shah reborn. For the longest time Prashant Shah has been my favourite Indian metal guitar player and Exhumation my most favourite Indian Death Metal band. Very few bands every hit all the check marks for me like Exhumation did. However, going by the little snippets of the new Gutslit album that Prateek has been uploading, it’s safe to say Gutslit‘s new record Brodequin might just hit all those boxes once again. I’m definitely looking forward to the new sound of the band. With new vocalist Kaushal replacing Aditya Barve and Prateek taking over from Dynell we’re in for a whole new sounding Gutslit. GUTSLIT_BANDIt’s definitely more polished, more meaty brutal death metal and it’s definitely going to kick some serious ass.

Another album I’m really looking forward to is the new Sycorax album called ‘Sycotherapy‘. These guys are a very underrated band from Darjeeling. I had the pleasure of watching them a year ago when they opened for DR at a show in Delhi and they really blew me away. The clips they have been uploading from their recording are extremely promising and I can’t wait to hear the final album when it comes out. I think it’s due for a 2017 release.


The two metal albums I’m waiting for are Plague Throat‘s new release and Demonic Resurrection‘s latest offering! I heard a few snippets from Plague Throat‘s new album when their producer Ashwin Shriyan posted them on Instagram and knew that it’s an album I will simply have to check out! As for Demonic Resurrection, I happened to hear their song Matsya and was pleasantly surprised by how different it sounded from anything on The Demon King. The sitar blended really well with the rest of the instruments and I’m looking forward to Dashavatar to see what else it has to offer.

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Dhruv Chaudhuri – Indian Vegan Bodybuilder and Martial Artist

dhruvchaudhuri4“Eight years ago as a scrawny lad at the age of 17, I was introduced to the pull up bar by my uncle, who inspired me to use my body weight to exercise, adding in variations along with push ups and running. I started training with him and soon it became an addiction! My diet used to include meat, eggs, dal, rice and ghee. I’ve always loved animals and was brought up to have compassion for all animals thanks to my aunt, but was not aware of what goes on in the slaughter industry.

dhruvchaudhuri5Soon after I started working out, I discovered calisthenics, and then found another inspiration in life – Bruce Lee! I started researching, studying and practicing his martial art, Jeet Kune Do. My workouts would include pull ups, push ups, dips, core and cardio and kept improving the intensity by adding weights and performing the movements. I performed these movements for four years straight while studying hotel management in Bangalore and soon realized my passion was in the fitness industry.

It was in Bangalore that I researched on the slaughter industry and made me realize that eating mdhruvchaudhuri1eat was not right. I quit eating meat at the age of 21 but ate eggs and milk since I wasn’t educated that one could build strength and muscles without eating some sort of animal protein. While in Bangalore I studied Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art and developed my
skills in street fighting. I moved back to Pune but would used to come to Mumbai on weekends, and further studied Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do under Bruce Lee’s lineage. I also did a certification in fitness and learned body building techniques and body mechanics, and started applying them in my workouts.

dhruvchaudhuri2In a month I was soon squatting and deadlifting as if I have been lifting weights for a year thanks to the years of calisthenics. I started working at the functional fitness club Multifit as the core team and head coach two years back and progressed in functional training and calisthenics. By this time I knew about the cruelty in the egg and milk industry and wanted to turn vegan but didn’t know how to without losing muscle and physical performance. It was then that I came across a scientific fitness based organisation called Alpharaj and met the founder, Aman Duggal, who helped me turn vegan and educated me on how to consume enough nutrients through vegan food and supplements to suit my workouts and martial arts routine. It’s been a year since I turned vegan with putting on muscle and increased overall performance.dhruvchaudhuri3

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