Review: The Unforgettable

Lust Overdose

Lust Overdose

Director: Arsala Qureishi and Sabrina Louis
Producer: Arsala Qureishi and Sabrina Louis
Writer: Arsala Qureishi
Cast: Raji James, Sofia Hayat, Chook Sibtain, Salman Qureishi
Director of Photography: W.B Rao
Editor: Asif Sheikh
Music: Ismail Darbar

A famous writer with a dislike for art falls for a sultry seductress who vomits pseudo-intellectual trash and is sustained by her philosophy that one must give in to one’s desires without questioning anything. The result of this half-baked ideology is that the lady is smothered by kisses by three extremely horny men at different points (pun intended) through the course of the film.

Yash Singhal, the author of several best-sellers is a coffee-chugging idiot who can’t deal with the most basic stuff in life, even things he shouldn’t bother about. Like not letting a woman he just had sex with smoke a cigarette. The cynical boor gives the lady who he just came with some unnecessary comment on why people need to rush for a ciggie right after making love. She let a loser like you screw her, now can she smoke something other than your pole? What a bore.

Singhal goes from Bombay to Mauritius, where he encounters the man-eater called Padma. Now Padma is this fullbodied woman who is lonely despite having a body most men would stab themselves looking at. Our hero Yash gazes at her as she swims naked in the sea, and he’s probably thinking up ridiculous things to write in his next book.

lol here we go

lol here we go

Padma turns the confident writer into an eager puppy craving for her attention, and you immediately lose respect for the chap as he falls all over himself to keep her pleased, till one day she disappears from his life.

I like erotica as much as the next person but The Unforgettable is crammed with lusty scenes while you squirm in your seat and wait for the story to hook you in.

The story delves way too deep into the lives of two people you cannot identify with – a voluptuous woman who thrives on submitting to her sexual desires and a reknowned wordsmith who falls for her. You’d expect 30+ people to be happy at least about choices they’ve made – but Padma, despite being portrayed as mysterious, and doesn’t seem to have any real happiness to her life. Yash Singhal somehow finds meaning in this unsmiling creature’s existence, and spends a long time thinking about her. Spots and follows her home in Portiana, only to find out she’s been married for a year. Padma’s husband Aditya invites him to their celebration bash where Yash makes out with the ever-ready Padma.

There are some decent scenes with fair but verbose dialogue, and the self-indulgent screenplay is further bogged down by the lazy editing. Just when you think you’re about to start liking Yash Singhal he goes and makes an ass of himself.

Angry Young Man

Angry Young Man

Padma’s best friend invites Yash over for a drink and he chickens out, he doesn’t take the second pint the chick in Mauritius offers him suggestively. Raji James is good, but his role could’ve been more impactful. Even sex scenes with these chicks and showing the guy getting on with life (and having one apart from giving press conferences) would’ve made him a slightly interesting character. What kind of a man runs off like a schoolgirl when a girl offers him beer on the beach?

The guy who plays Aditya Roy and the girl who plays Padma’s best friend are really good. One cool dialogue goes something like,  “What’s your name? Because I just want to know which author’s books I don’t need to read.”  and the best timed one was when Yash barges into Padma’s room (again, and by the way, that’s a neat little joke they have running there) and says, “What’re you reading? How To Break Hearts And Play With Emotions?”.

I’m glad to see these kinda flicks being made in English, but The Unforgettable is excessively wordy. And it’s hilarious to see the three men whose hearts Sofia Hayat broke get horny around her every now and then. Agreed the lady is miserable, but people who get laid so often smile at least once in awhile.

A former colleague seated next to me was happy when a pleasant song broke out but even that turned out to be a make-out session. Kitna, yaar? Made your point long back…it’s not a turn on, and starts to drag after awhile.

I’m glad Yash Singhal retires – a guy who doesn’t know squat about anything bullshitting other men into controlling their desires and then he gets so entangled in the web of love and lust that there is nothing else to his life apart from having boring conversations over coffee with people he knows and whatever else you’ve read here. And who wants to know all the profound revelations he’s having?

The Unforgettable
is set in the 80s, and coolly enough looks like that. Won’t give away the ending – there’s an extremely silly twist Yash finds out in a letter Aditya hands him. As if the erotica were not enough, one guys wants to kiss the other’s hand in all sincerity, but even that makes you laugh. The lady directors already announced the movie has a sad end. Sad? No, you’re glad it’s over.


The Unforgettable
is a unexciting story about people you don’t want to know, forget remember. And I certainly hope you can’t relate to it!


12 Responses to “Review: The Unforgettable”

  1. 1 Ashwin D
    September 9, 2009 at 11:19

    Lol … in fact when I saw the images of Arsala Qureishi and Sabrina Louis I was assured they were highly opinionated women who love their wine, gossip and male-bashing sessions. Plus the poster looks cheesy with a cliched titled. And as I read thru your post I was convinced I don need to watch or hear some pseudo-intellectual beliefs mouthed thru a film. I am always jealous when directors /writers like these get the opportunity to waste money, time and effort into something no one ponders over.

    My advice to Arsala Qureishi and Sabrina Louis …
    If you have so many opinions why don you talk to a friend(s) or start an online forum or talk to your mom / guy. Pls don make a movie (and I am saying this without watching the movie).

    But thanx for stripping Sofia Hayat; we could have never done that.


  2. 2 Sarah Beatrice
    September 11, 2009 at 17:07

    Ok, this review was written by a man who obviously hasn’t been in love! I saw the film and think that Padma is an amazing strong and truly complex woman. You obviously only watch the silly bollywood movies where there is no complexity, where everything is given to you on a plate along with the tease of the rain on a wet sari!
    Answer to your stupid chauvanistic questions, you say you lose respect in Yash because he became a puppy to Padma when he appears so intelligent and strong. Well, guess what, many powerful men have fallen in history because of a beautiful woman that has captured their hearts, look it up!

    Also you keep calling this erotics, it’s hardly erotica, you obviousely went to the cinema to see something to make you play with yourself yet were presented with something so intellectual and beautiful you sat there like an idiot not comprehending it. It’s true love story, obviousely you haven’t been in love or had sex ever.

    You wonder why he didn’t take the beer from the girl on he beach like most men would. Well, most single deperate virgins you mean who would nail anything that breathes. Yash unfortunately fo ryou my friend, has done girls like that before many times, so Padma is special.

    You akso say it’s excessively wordy, like your review, only the words are not quite modern english but an evolution of SHakespeare. i guess you don’t know who he is either? Look him up, because he wrote something called, “Romeo and Juliette”, in your words I guess that would be erotica too..

    All in all I hope this isn’t the view of many indians, cos it just goes to prove you are not ready for this type of film, which deals with mature issuss. Emotions are so complex in life, especially love.

    I suggest you go watch porn, I am sure you will get the result you want, and no complex dialogue.


    • 3 jatin
      August 10, 2010 at 18:26

      hello , frm ahere did u watch this movie..i m nt getting this movie on DVD , on theatres nt even on internet..could u plz send me the link of this movie..i want to watch it online.plz mail me the link


  3. 4 Salman
    September 11, 2009 at 17:10

    Ashwin, most people ponder over love..and most best films are those which deal with the trivial issues, only we in India are used to drama in death or dishonour or rape etc..cos our writers are not that good really..


  4. 5 Nikishka
    September 11, 2009 at 17:33

    Haha, Sarah Beatrice, while I’ll let him respond to the rest of your comment, I HAVE to laugh out loud at your first line. He is very much in love and I can vouch for that darling 😉


  5. 6 Aditya Mehta
    September 11, 2009 at 17:56

    Sarah, you’re wrong about the kind of movies I enjoy watching.

    All those men in history who’ve fallen because of women were wussies.

    I went in for The Unforgettable expecting an engaging film, if nothing else. And I don’t need to go to the cinema to see something to make me play with myself.

    I don’t care if it’s a true love story, it’s a drag.

    I wanted him to take the beer so that it would make the movie less of a bore.

    I’ve studied the old bard’s stuff in school and college, yeah.

    What else? Yeah, I don’t really care about porn.


  6. 7 Salman
    September 12, 2009 at 09:16

    taking a beer makes a movie less boring..it makes it predictable, i loved the reality of the acting and there was no real over acting in it which is great, we do a lot in bollywood, but this film is very subtle, it could have been a bit shorter and maybe the scenes could have had a bit more drama but as i said it is a subtley acted film although the kissing and love maybe too much for indian cinema


  7. 8 al brando
    September 12, 2009 at 13:23

    My introduction is important, i am a swedish national and work for the British Film Institute.
    I have been in India, for the last seven years and intensively involved in understanding and working to make cinema global.

    I was in Delhi and had nothing to do in the evening so i went to the theatre and saw The Unforgettable. I was pleasantly surprised by this beautifully crafted intense movie. I understand that people in India are not used to subtle cinema, and also that anyone who does not speak english as their first language will have a problem fully appreciating this film because the language of the film is superior. Having said that i came home last night trying to look up any additional information i could get about this film or the film makers and was shocked at this review, and i will give you all my reasons for it.

    I call myself a student of cinema although i have been in this field for over twenty five years, but after reading this review i realized that people who call themselves critics in India resort to amateurish ways in reviewing a film. This critic seems like he has some personal vendetta against this film or the film makers, a critics first job is to appraise a film and be as impersonal about it as you can. I am most interested in knowing his credentials as a critic, and the most important thing is is he qualified enough to comment on a film of this stature. It is one thing to critically analyze a Bollywood film and entirely another to even comment on this kind of cinema.

    To comment on things like the character not taking a beer as opposed to taking one to make the movie more interesting clearly reflects the maturity and stature of the critic. My advice to you my friend is let professionals do their job and clearly you aren’t capable of being a critic, because your prerogative is to lampoon a film and derive some skewed intellectual pleasure from it. First hold a real script in your hand, learn the art of being a critic and then venture out into this highly qualified field. Just by opening a website one doesen’t become a critic.

    I would also like to add that the end or the climax of this film was not comical at all, and anyone in their right mind would agree with me, it was sublime.

    I do not object to the fact that people can have an opinion about work of art, but it does matter when you dissect something you have the power to construct it as well. I am sure you will misconstrue what this means as well.. all the best.


  8. 9 Aditya Mehta
    September 13, 2009 at 06:14

    Dear Al Brando, thanks for qualifying yourself to me.

    You’ve made it clear that your understanding of Indian cinema is very little, for you make a statement about what the people of India like. What a broad category, you chose to not see what the multiplex audiences enjoy might not cater to the masses.

    You ‘understand that people in India are not used to subtle cinema’ despite having been in the field for over a quarter of a century? How little you know, old one!

    You were pleasantly surprised by this beautifully crafted, intense movie? You obviously had nothing much to do that evening in Delhi, and evidently, haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying really good movies.

    You have no idea what my first language is, and I certainly don’t need to display my credentials to you. Still looking at India to make yourselves feel better? Get over it.

    The beer comment was a joke that was lost on you and clearly reflects the lack of humour in your life. My advice to you, my friend, is mind your own business and buy some wit.

    What I look forward to most is enjoying a film, I wasn’t going to write about the piece of trash that “The Unforgettable” is, but when I thought of how people like you can fool the public, I took it upon myself to let them know what the deal was. Unlike you who’s probably been asked to show some support for the film on this website. Well, excuse you.

    By the way, I’m not holding a script in my hands because it’s lying elsewhere in the house – yeah, I’m writing a script, screenplay and dialogues for subtle Indian cinema that hits hard. But I didn’t expect you to guess that, or do anything except adding to the paedophile count in Goa. Lovely boys and girls, no?

    So, Marlon Pacino, what we know from this is you haven’t seen enough Indian cinema to know why we (the multiplex audiences and the masses) couldn’t care less to watch such pretentious little films like “The Unforgettable”.

    You thing everyone in their right mind should agree with you? Oh, you just want people to agree with you – you, a humourless bumbling tourist who waxes cinematical on the subtleties of film appreciation and goes around saying things like ‘“The Unforgettable” is a beautifully crafted intense movie.’?

    The joke’s on you, ancient pal… but I don’t expect you to get this either.

    [All abusive language and heavy sarcasm has been omitted because my parents say ‘respect your elders’ and the girlfriend sends me flying kisses when I’m polite to my critics. What a good boy am I!]


  9. 10 Salman
    September 18, 2009 at 15:27

    Aditya, AL Brando is right! You are immature and an idiot as far as I am concerned. You talk about everything a if you are not convincing others but yourself! You are being rude because someone is older by calling him old man, a sign of your insecurity of intelligence as you can’t put him down about his critique, you also shout about your girlfriend, obviousely you don’t have one, and if you have she was probably a hermaphrodite.

    Dude, grow up, live some life.

    Al Brando is clearly head above your leafue in many ways!

    You obviously have “Issues”..sort them out and stop being angry with others. Al Brando showed no aner but a clear and intellectual writtem critique, you on the other hand, show anger..

    You know what they say..

    If you hate something so much, you must love it!


  10. September 18, 2009 at 16:53

    Okay, seriously? All you girls are crying just because no one but you people went for the movie. Look, the weekend’s here so I’m going to be nice to you. I heartily recommend Sadma if you don’t mind tragic endings. And an unpretentious commercial flick called Wanted. Sadma is good Hindi cinema and Wanted is OTT Bollywood timepass. Neither will bore you, I assure you that.

    If you’re looking for an artsy flick, Ocean Of An Old Man is something to watch once. If you think Tom Alter is cool you will definitely enjoy this film. Google it if you want to see my review on Buzz18.

    Honestly, I’m glad you’ll checked out the blog, even if only to criticize. And if you’re wondering why I’m being so chilled out, it’s because the best phase of my life is beginning and I don’t feel like being mean or sarcastic right now. If anyone wants gaalis, all you have to do is ask 😀


  11. 12 Ram Chaturvedi
    September 21, 2009 at 10:28

    Well i was looking for the same thing and got it here.The things are very much relevant to what i am searching.I am saying this because I have come across a new site for movies related stuff.


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