REVIEW: Aamras

Aamras 1A flick named after the nectar of the gods is another reason to skip a Bobby Deol release. And people who waste names like these should be jailed. For, Aamras has nothing to do with aamras, except when the teen heroines have it in the beginning and the main chick inserts the word in a sentence towards the end.

Four girls who go to the same school are best friends and there was no reason to show that or anything else in Aamras in slow motion. The parts where the girls are having fun are twisted into moral teachings. The start is too sugary and somewhere within itself Aamras turns into a Balaji soap. In fact, all the corny parts seem unreal and spoil the fun parts that crop up every now and then.

The girls talk like grown-ups at times, and other times they seem to be clueless and you tell yourself maybe that’s what most 17-year-old girls are like, but it’s till too corny to be convincing.

The older actors are at home in the chick flick, and the Reema – Ashish Roy scenes make the film look like a middle-of-the-road movie but unfortunately there are very few of those.

The funny parts are good and it should’ve been an out-and-out fun movie with more light moments instead of the silly outbursts from almost everyone. Even the unintentionally funny scenes are good, but the rona-dhona keeps coming back to haunt you.

During the interval, you sip a Mangola and wonder if Aamras is trying to get at something or will have some cool stuff coming up but it just likes getting mawkish. The girls invest all their emotions but you just look on absurdly.

vega-maanvi-gagroo-natasha-bhardwaj-and-achal-sabharwalThe hot chick (there’s only one) can make a career in Ekta Kapoor’s serials, and the Sikh chick is also alright. And why would you want to show a death in a teenage chick flick, pray tell?

The young heroines deal with love, heartbreak, friendship, peer pressure, an MMS clip and do daft things like telling the Maharashtrian girl Jeeya she can’t afford a lot of things. Oh, Jeeya is plain and poor and introverted and even has a hearing aid and a sob story of her own. Yeah, everyone either has a sob story or they make one. Except the Sardarji and the dad who pays off a hefty sum to Manoj Pahwa.

The music is pretty good and fresh, but the song situations in the movie are unbelievable. Maybe people a lot younger wouldn’t mind other very young people dancing and singing songs in the movies as if they were in pop music videos, but whatever you girls like.  And please take the corn home.


Aamras is teen chick flick that takes itself too seriously. Those with an affinity for K-serials will love this!


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