Review: Megadeth – Endgame (2009)

The world’s state-of-the-art speed metal band returns to power with this thrashfest


And to think I was overjoyed with Metallica’s Death Magnetic! Megadeth return to power and are at the top of their game with this year’s Endgame, a pure thrash metal album that will start blowing your mind from the first second.

Kickstarting the thrashfest is Dialectic Chaos, an instrumental and a terrific opening cut a la Into The Lungs Of Hell and This Day We Fight! has the urgency of Poison Was The Cure. In fact, Endgame is full of kickass speed metal riffs and thrashy choruses and amazing guitar solos.

Chris Broderick fits in with Mustaine the way Marty Friedman did, and that’s saying a hell of a lot. The thrashy riffing you want from Megadeth is in abundance, and the solos are smoking hot!

All the tracks are outstanding, and as this album plays for the 17th or 18th time since this morning, two stoned young non-metalheads’ heads are bobbing up and down to various tracks and trying to figure out what Dave Mustaine is singing.


Dave Mustaine is snarling as usual and he sounds right mean as he sneers his way through Endgame, a delightful surprise from the 24-year-old Megadeth. Even The Hardest Part Of Letting Go…Sealed With A Kiss, which does get heavy isn’t anything too drastically different. Sir Dave Mustaine’s lyrics kick ass, especially when it’s pure metal aggression gushing out like in This Day We Fight! and The Right To Go Insane, which has Mustaine stamped all over it.

Unleashing all the elements that made Megadeth one of the greatest and most influential metal bands of all time, Endgame is newfound aggression expressed by technically brilliant and melodically stupefying music. Dave Mustaine is a fucking metal god, and with Chris Broderick, James LoMenzo and Shawn Drover, he has made 44.48 minutes of arena heavy metal that is sure to excite metalheads the way Rust In Peace did. Not sure what’s driving Dave Mustaine to make such high-voltage thrash these days, but who cares when it makes you bang your head like that!


Mustaine & Co. are firing on all cylinders and Endgame is what it sounds like when Megadeth decides to take no prisoners. So Far, So Good…So Great!


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