Eaten Alive

[Something I wrote long back after a dream I had.]

Opening the gates of my mind
visions unreal come to life
through the hallways of my dreams
I still hear their helpless screams

a seemingly harmless pond
turned into a pool of death
the outing that was supposed to bring joy
snatched away my friends
this uninvited fantasy
to tell my story I will slightly bend
my subconscious greed for album lyrics
took them to their end

what had once been clear water
was layered with green
strange are the ways of destiny
death, ’til the end is unseen

these stupid fucks
unaware of fate’s trap
stepped in to wet their feet
splashing about like retards
brains numbed by THC

tearing the water surface
as if smiling, the famished beast arose
the half wit stoners shat their pants
undies turning a shade yellow

first stoned friend
stabbed in the legs
by many hateful teeth
he was eaten partly
then spat out
the croc found him too sweet

second stoned pal
closed his eyes
awaiting the slaughter
his soft, round skull trapped ‘tween the jaws
he peed right there in the water

Aritro stood there
screaming helplessly
he’d never known such fear
when we realised they weren’t coming back
we drank all their beer

this is what happens, people
when a croc bites off your balls
your bandmates mourn and cry for awhile
and then finish your alcohol

I told Yash, like all bad dreams
this too shall pass
but if I ask Prashant to play a riff over this
he will surely kick my ass

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