World’s Greatest Pick-Up Artist

People just won’t let some things remain underground. I don’t usually talk about this stuff but an article in today’s Mumbai Mirror forces me to speak up. Having read the works of several seduction masters, it enrages me every time someone with zero originality takes credit for it. It’s like Sceptre behaving like they wrote Enter Sandman. Pissing off, yeah? Yeah. The Sceptre thing is just laughable, you say? Okay.

For those interested in reading material on alpha male behaviour/seduction routines/pick-up tactics/body language or anything of the sort, I suggest you check out the work of original pick-up artists.  I know downloading  (okay, STEALING)  doesn’t help the creators of the ultimate badass material one bit, but here’s stuff to Google: John Alexander, Carlos Xuma, David Deangelo, Mystery, Tyler Durden.

This isn’t all of it (ha!) but should give you a great idea of things. I was already hopping mad at askmen.com for ripping off and repackaging this stuff, and thanks to Mumbai Mirror I know about this Shiva fellow.

Pick-up artist he may have become, but seduction guru he is certainly not. Making money off other people’s work…not very alpha, is it?

44 Responses to “World’s Greatest Pick-Up Artist”

  1. 1 Pranav
    September 25, 2009 at 03:40

    dude, u seem to hv issues. the article answered a lot of my questions, so what’s your problem? i hv been following shiva’s newsletters for a while and it’s useful stuff. btw thats not the 1st time shiva has written for the mumbaimirror, he has written many times already. he’s also come on tv. i have read all the pickup gurus that you hv mentioned and more. i don’t think shiva copies them (if he has, why don’t u prove it, and i will be a convert…u have to prove it dude, otherwise I think you’ve set yourself up for some trouble with that post). his blog and newsletters provide free tips (u don’t even need to buy his stuff). if you don’t appreciate it, that’s fine. but bitching without proof is not cool. dude, be cool.


  2. 2 Aditya Mehta
    September 25, 2009 at 05:41

    Here’s a complete breakdown of your stupid comment.

    “dude, u seem to hv issues. the article answered a lot of my questions, so what’s your problem?”

    Already told you what the problem is.

    “i hv been following shiva’s newsletters for a while and it’s useful stuff. btw thats not the 1st time shiva has written for the mumbaimirror, he has written many times already. he’s also come on tv.”

    Even Sai Baba has come on TV. So? People are free to come wherever they like. So? And what if he has written “many times already”?

    “i have read all the pickup gurus that you hv mentioned and more. i don’t think shiva copies them (if he has, why don’t u prove it, and i will be a convert…”

    Anyone who’s been following the seduction community will instantly know they’ve read everything Shiva has written before. You want me to prove it? I don’t need to prove it, moron, you just proved you haven’t read the work of any pick-up artist except shiva, otherwise you wouldn’t be talking through your ass. And why would I convert you and to what? What do I care if you keep reading rehashed and poorly repackaged material?

    “his blog and newsletters provide free tips (u don’t even need to buy his stuff).”

    Erm, how original. Every seduction guru worth his canned routines does that. Except the ones that don’t use canned routines, of course.

    “but bitching without proof is not cool. dude, be cool.”

    Oh, I would prove it here but I can’t copy-paste stuff from seduction ebooks, right? That’s illegal and your Shiva is doing it already. If you’ve read any other pick-up artist apart from Shiva, you wouldn’t be asking anyone to prove it. You just proved you haven’t read anything except the material being reproduced. Dude, don’t be a fool.


    • 3 Pranav
      September 25, 2009 at 06:21

      can’t u write a post without insulting ? come on dude lol

      u say : “Oh, I would prove it here but I can’t copy-paste stuff from seduction ebooks, right? That’s illegal…”

      of course it’s not illegal to provide snippets to make your point, as long as you provide credits. didn’t u know that? if u read anything else besides ur own blog, u’d hv known that. 😉 entire chapters are reproduced as excerpts in magazines, blogs etc. what’s one little sentence if it can make your point? i really want to know if shiva is not the real deal as u say. u say “everything shiva has ever written” has been lifted off other people’s work. can u provide ONE (just one) sentence that he has “copy-pasted” from the tome of pickup books that u claim to hv read?

      basically…learning to approach women is about becoming a cool guy, and dude you’re far from cool. u r insulting, u r full of urself, u r what they call a CHODE in the pickup community. sudhar jao. be cool. now let’s see u approve this comment. 😉


      • 4 Aditya Mehta
        September 25, 2009 at 06:29

        No, I don’t take kindly to retards. If you read the first sentence of my post a few hundred times, it might become clear that I don’t want the aam janta reading excerpts from the pick-up community’s ebooks unless they want to read about it and make an effort to get their hands on the material.

        What’s one little sentence that can prove my point? How about YOU tell us what Shiva has contributed to the pick-up world to make your point? All you keep saying is he doesn’t copy, so then why don’t you throw something original he has done this way?

        Nope. You’ve got the wrong definition – you’re what they call a blind follower, which makes you more of a chode than anyone else 😛


  3. 5 Pranav
    September 25, 2009 at 07:14

    “I don’t take kindly to retards”

    more insults lol, dude that’s not cool.

    “If you read the first sentence of my posta few hundred times,
    it might become clear that I don’t want the aam janta reading”

    luks like the only thing still ‘underground’ is you!
    aam junta has been reading the game for over 3 years now.
    wot time-warp are u stuck in?

    “How about YOU tell us what Shiva has contributed to the pick-up
    world to make your point?”

    lmfao…i didn’t think u wud wuss out so soon, after insulting me
    so vigorously. 😉

    dude u said “everything” shiva has written is copy-pasted. u said u
    wud prove it if only it were not illegal. i told u y it’s not illegal.
    either tell me y u still think it’s illegal or go ahead and prove it.
    don’t just back off!!! lol…so, not only r u uncool and insulting,
    u r even spineless!

    while i was typing this post i just got a cool new opener from shiva
    ‘the creepy ex-girlfriend’. i just googled it and could not find a
    source. luks lik an original. but i cud be wrong. where do u think
    he has copy-pasted this one from?


    • 6 Aditya Mehta
      September 25, 2009 at 07:51

      I don’t need to be cool to you.

      You probably don’t know what “wussing out” means. You’re one of those that have just discovered words like “chode” and “wuss” and feel clever throwing them around carelessly.

      You think I follow Shiva around to see where he lifts stuff from? That’s your job, man. In case you still haven’t realized, everything in that newspaper article has been taken from other sources.

      And I’m not backing off, I just don’t want more tools like you getting to know about this awesome stuff.

      Here’s an opener from Derek Vitalio:

      “My ex-girlfriend is stalking me

      You: I need your opinion. I think my ex-girlfriend is stalking me. She kept trying to win me back by impressing me, but she just doesn’t have that adventurousness I look for in a girl.

      You: Well, I was walking down the street and I just see her there, standing across the street looking at me. Yeah, it’s kind of weird.”

      Trying to mix the same bhelpuri with different chutney? 😛

      Talkis like Carlos Xuma, writes like Tyler Durden, uses Mystery’s theories. Throws in a bit of every other PUA for good measure.


      • 7 Seth
        September 25, 2009 at 08:21

        You sound like a clueless dork. Derek is not the only one in the world who had a girlfriend obsessed. Did you even bother to read Shiva’s creepy ex-girlfriend opener here http://realmanpost.wordpress.com you will see it’s different. You claim to be from the pickup community (wanting to keep it underground bla bla) but you dont know the basic fact that thanks to google, anybody following Shiva is also following other pickup artists and Shiva knows that. Shiva would be stupid to lift openers, even if he wanted to. In fact he often gives us openers while crediting the original PUA author. Nobody can (or does) blatantly lift material and claim as his own. Now stop typing and go approach some women. The sunshine will do you good. 🙂


      • 8 Pranav
        September 25, 2009 at 08:53

        dude u r such a nerd. this is what happens when u r stuck in ur ‘underground’ cave with ur ebooks. can’t u see who copied it from who? can’t u see shiva’s opener is way cooler and more intense than derek’s? shiva uses ‘creepy’ because it makes the woman feel he ‘gets’ it, he uses ‘female advice’ because that’s a powerful tool to engage women, his entire routine is way more intense and engaging than the one you quoted. it’s totally possible that derek lifted it from shiva but that possibility will not even cross ur mind because u r a white-skin-obsessed chode who thinks anything the phoreners do has to be better. i suppose, when vatsyayan released the kamasutra, ur ancestors cried foul that he had lifted it from some european author, lol.


      • 9 Pranav
        September 25, 2009 at 09:02

        “I just don’t want more tools like you getting to know about this awesome stuff”

        thts called a scarcity mindset.

        in fact just by the way you write, i can tell u dont have a girlfriend. u cant approach a woman to save ur life. u cant hold more than 30 seconds of interesting conversation with hot women. u don’t get out a lot. and u r out of shape. how did i do? 😉


    • 10 Seth
      September 25, 2009 at 08:01

      Aditya Mehta is a constipated soul. I just read his post on Vishal Dadlani, it was pathetically insensitive. The guy’s going crazy with his free wordpress.com blog, shitting all over the place. He needs to get out more. 🙂


  4. 11 Sam
    September 25, 2009 at 09:27

    Well well Adi, this world is full of imbeciles and apparently, some blow their trumpets so much that they forget that they are exposing their poor appetite for knowledge, butt naked!!!

    It proves one thing if not everything that it’s better to listen to a wise man than a fool. Coz they simply do not know when to turn off their inane behaviour. They are so much used to blurting that everytime they open their pie hole they spew shit – Stop gyrating so much that you’ll acquire erectile dysfunction.

    ROFL LOL 😛


  5. 12 Abhijit
    September 25, 2009 at 09:35

    Agree with you, man. I don’t like the idea of askmen.com and this other dude repackaging and reproducing the material without contributing anything substantial to it.

    I’d like to know your views on video seminars related to “inner game”.

    BTW, the ex-girlfriend opener isn’t original…Aditya, remember we spoke about this long ago when we had the long debate on openers/canned routines and natural alpha state?

    😛 Is Pranav your ex-girlfriend?


  6. 13 Nafisa
    September 25, 2009 at 10:00

    Funny boy, you looked in good shape at the ITC GMS event 😉 Hope your “drummerboy” survived the drinking bout. I’m loving your blog!



  7. 14 Sam
    September 25, 2009 at 10:00

    Great!!! one more lunatic and inimitable idiot raises his dumn head!! One is forewraned and another shows up unabashed for more acerbic treatment. 😛


  8. 15 Guy
    October 10, 2009 at 18:20

    Like u, i wish this thing had stayed underground. But i find it shocking tht u do a complete volte-face and urge ppl to google info abt the game, aiding them with keywords too. Was it the bitterness that u were not the first person to have written about it in india, that caused u to not practice what u preached? In case u didnt know the pickup art is no secret, and is being written about and practiced popularly for over 4 years now, even in Mumbai. But i notice u publish the comments of even ur harshest critics, which is classy and its also the surest sign of a blog that will stand the test of time. Good luck.


  9. October 10, 2009 at 20:53

    Guy, if I wanted to write about this stuff I would’ve done it long back.

    I haven’t written about it for two reasons:

    1) I have nothing new to add.

    2) I really want it to remain underground.

    I wrote this post because I don’t like the idea of people taking credit for and making money off other people’s efforts.


  10. 19 adx
    March 28, 2010 at 08:22

    if the shiva dude is making money of this thing let him. stop being chodes and bitching abt keeping it underground.
    if any of you’ve actually done this, you’re gonna realize it doesn’t matter if it’s underground or not, because very very very few guys actually have the initiative to go out and do this consistently and with drive.
    being a goddamn keyboard jockey is very different from being out in the field.
    If u present yourself well, u will do well in this.
    the fact is that most people are keyboard jockeys who claim to be PUA’s but when u meet them in real life, they’re effin wall chodes, angry at life and angry at themselves.
    get off your asses and do something.


  11. 21 LIFE is Here
    April 29, 2010 at 16:37

    @adita ever since Neil Strauss published The Game, I’ve noticed many AFCs who had “some success” with women, metamorphosed into “Pickup” or “Seduction Gurus”. I have never heard of this so clown LoveGuru Shiva, but read the Mumbai Mirror article in the hyperlink provided by you. A quick skim through the article clearly reveals that the so called Guru- Shiva has lifted ideas and materials from David De Angelo and Mystery- the master PUA.

    I’ve been a wing and self-taught PUA-student even before Mystery and David DeAngelo formalized their stuff. I’ve been doing the cocky-funny and other routines since late 90s, when the seduction community was not documented and not talked about. It’s been years and I still hesitate to even think of myself as a love guru or seduction guru. I’m just a normal guy who’s getting better with women everyday of my life. So all I can do is cringe at the fact that we have such despo “Gurus” like Shiva who plagiarize well-documented stuff and pass on as their own. Albeit, they have some good PR with journos and have AFC chums in newspapers and TV stations- so you see them being quoted LOL.

    Courage Adita. Courage my friend. Real PUAs and love gurus don’t need Mumbai mirror.



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  14. June 5, 2010 at 08:23

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  16. June 5, 2010 at 16:22

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