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Grilled & Killed: Sahil ‘The Demonstealer’ Makhija

Yes, bitches! What better way to kickstart this section than by cornering Sahil Makhija? From controversies to career plans, the metal icon is letting it loose!! When Count Varathora meets The Demonstealer, you know it’s got to be one bloody face-off!!!

sahil the demonstealer makhija - aditya mehta kya kehta?Yo, Demon! How’s it going?

It’s going good, man…been really busy and working hard.

How’s the new Demonic Resurrection album coming along?

The album has me in a killer death lock and I’m loving it. The album is nearing completion. We just got to track vocals and mix it.

I hope you’ve stopped writing those godawful lyrics…

Nope, they are still as bad…

So you’re still singing about sluts? Really, man!

Lol! What band’s lyrics have you been reading? I know lyrics are open to interpretation but really?? Sluts = darkness ?? NOT!

sahil the demonstealer makhija - aditya mehta kya kehta?Black whores, hmm? Ready to play bass for Exhumation?

Nope, not at all, am petrified. I have to learn someone else’s music for a change and that is pretty scary especially when it’s Prashant’s OOber complex riffs.

So what exactly the fuck is up with Atmosfear calling you a fuckall producer?

Lol! I don’t know, man…you’ll have to ask them. I went to their myspace and heard my mixes again…they weren’t too bad, man.

Okay, quickly…why should everyone get their music recorded at Demonic Studios?

Because I charge less than a regular studio and I charge per song instead of by the hour, so you have less stress about finishing on time which is better for our health which means you visit the doctor less which means you spend less on medical therefore when you record at Demonic Studios you save on studio costs as well as medical. So it’s a win-win situation.

sahil the demonstealer makhija - aditya mehta kya kehta?There you have it, folks – a Sindhi pitching to a Gujarati. Thanks for your time…I’m sure you’ve got a billion inboxes to spam.

No, just yours!

And isn’t there a pic of you smiling? It’s good for the business…

Of course, there is…haven’t you seen Workshop?

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