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Hypocrites Of The World, Unite!

This post is a reaction to a chain mail being forwarded to everyone.

aditya mehta cigaretteWhile I don’t like the idea of animals being killed, we really shouldn’t be pointing fingers at any other country when our own allows animal slaughter. While our own traditions cause all kinds of pollution, other cultures have a different way of looking at things, and the last time I checked dolphin meat was edible, so it’s more than just fun and games. Whether it makes them feel manly or whatever their reason, so be it. Why the shock? Because they’re killed in large numbers and we can see blood everywhere? We’re in the land of Bakri Eid, for crying out loud.

We seem to not give a shit be unaffected when cows, goats, sealife and poultry are denied their right to live, but are quick to react when “cute animals” like dolphins, rabbits and dogs are slaughtered.

Life is life, death is death, murder is murder – for everything that breathes. One man’s pet is another man’s delicacy.

Let’s leave the shock tactics to PETA, and the next time we have any kind of non-vegetarian fare in front of us, let’s close our eyes and think of the last 10 minutes of that creature’s pathetic existence and ask ourselves if they deserved it any more than these unfortunate dolphins and whales, which are food for the Danes.

As a seafood lover I wonder what whale meat tastes like. The part of me that relishes vegetarian food may perhaps have some business denouncing any form of slaughter. But, the question is, if the meat eater inside me asks for all double standards to be dropped, would that be suggesting cannibalism?

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