Hypocrites Of The World, Unite!

This post is a reaction to a chain mail being forwarded to everyone.

aditya mehta cigaretteWhile I don’t like the idea of animals being killed, we really shouldn’t be pointing fingers at any other country when our own allows animal slaughter. While our own traditions cause all kinds of pollution, other cultures have a different way of looking at things, and the last time I checked dolphin meat was edible, so it’s more than just fun and games. Whether it makes them feel manly or whatever their reason, so be it. Why the shock? Because they’re killed in large numbers and we can see blood everywhere? We’re in the land of Bakri Eid, for crying out loud.

We seem to not give a shit be unaffected when cows, goats, sealife and poultry are denied their right to live, but are quick to react when “cute animals” like dolphins, rabbits and dogs are slaughtered.

Life is life, death is death, murder is murder – for everything that breathes. One man’s pet is another man’s delicacy.

Let’s leave the shock tactics to PETA, and the next time we have any kind of non-vegetarian fare in front of us, let’s close our eyes and think of the last 10 minutes of that creature’s pathetic existence and ask ourselves if they deserved it any more than these unfortunate dolphins and whales, which are food for the Danes.

As a seafood lover I wonder what whale meat tastes like. The part of me that relishes vegetarian food may perhaps have some business denouncing any form of slaughter. But, the question is, if the meat eater inside me asks for all double standards to be dropped, would that be suggesting cannibalism?

23 Responses to “Hypocrites Of The World, Unite!”

  1. 1 Devdutt
    November 13, 2009 at 04:16

    I’m all for preserving endangered species. At least certain species of dolphin are up pretty high on the list I reckon, and unfortunately can’t be farmed as easily cows or salmon. It’s the same as chinkis eating tiger meat as an aphrodisiac. I can empathize with certain native populations like the Inuits that live in harsh climates and need the sustenance that only whale blubber and meat can provide. But killing or consuming an animal tottering on the edge solely as a lifestyle statement is pretty irresponsible.

    Fuck, I sound like a hippy. I’m gonna go play the new Profanatica now.


  2. November 13, 2009 at 05:06

    these whales and dolphins that are killed by the faroese are nowhere on the endangered species list. animals are killed every day all around the world and in much more horrific ways. the only difference being that you don’t see those animals be killed,and there’s not as much blood perhaps. actually if you took all the bleeding hens and goats and cows they would make the sea look as red.

    what is amazing is people thinking they have a right to eating animals which they can breed for slaughter. at least these whales dont have fucked up lives spent in captivity. it is strange when anyone who consumes meat discusses ethics and cruelty and most of the people spreading internet propaganda themselves eat flesh in one form or another. people who havent lived in the faroe islands for a few months (even weeks would be enough) will not understand their tradition or reason for this practice.

    all the animals you eat including cows, goats, hens , and pigs have their necks slit like these whales and dolphins unless they get skinned alive,which should be even more painful. one thing the world needs to realize is there is no such thing as humane slaughter.

    i am a vegetarian and i consider myself a hippie and i would like to tell readers that hippie is not short for hypocrite. clean your fingers before pointing at others.

    and do a bit of reading up on whaling (not just how cruel the practice is) and what reasons the danish people have for it. even wikipedia will give you unbiased info. respect other people’s way of life. peace.


  3. 3 Ups
    November 13, 2009 at 05:56

    I am not a fan of commenting on blogs in general, and more so the ones that make totally uncalled for claims. And the only reason I am commenting on this is because Aditya said that dolphins are not endangered and that I should do some research before I make a statement saying they are.

    While I myself am a vegetarian and have been so my whole life and do not propagate killing and breeding of any animals solely for the sake of human consumption or enhancement of human pleasure, I also am not an extremist who believes that everyone should eat grass. If people in a particular country or culture love to eat dolphins or whales or dogs or dead human embryos, then that is their choice.

    However when the above blog says the following:
    “We seem to not give a shit be unaffected when cows, goats, sealife and poultry are denied their right to live, but are quick to react when “cute animals” like dolphins, rabbits and dogs are slaughtered.”

    That statement I think borders on ignorance. I think the people have a problem not because dolphins are cute but in fact are a threatened species and very hard to propagate. Here is some primary literature (meaning real research-based scienctific articles in peer-reviewed journals) that supports my claims unlike an unsupported statement that people react to dolphin murders because they are cute.

    1.Dolphins, porpoises and whales of the world: the IUCN red data book
    By M. Klinowska, World Conservation Monitoring Centre, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natura, 1991

    Here is the link if you want to read or buy the book.

    2. Endangered ecosystems: a review of the conservation status of tropical Asian rivers
    Journal Hydrobiologia
    Publisher Springer Netherlands
    ISSN 0018-8158 (Print) 1573-5117 (Online)
    Issue Volume 248, Number 3 / December, 1992
    DOI 10.1007/BF00006146
    Pages 167-191
    Here is the link if you want to read the abstract or buy the article


    3. Retroposon analysis of major cetacean lineages: The monophyly of toothed whales and the paraphyly of river dolphins. PNAS June 19, 2001 vol. 98 no. 13 7384-7389

    Here is the link if you want to read the entire article.

    I could find a lot more articles if I had the time, but if anyone would really like to find out more about this, let Aditya know and I could tell you where to look.


  4. 4 Roy
    November 13, 2009 at 05:58

    I’m neither a hippie, hippo, hipster or anything related to the top-below.Just waiting for the day when this human race becomes an endangered species, so that I can contribute to the man slaughter. Tree huggers will be the first to go; killed with the trees, whales, and cutie furries!

    Ecology chain has always been since Kral & Og. Man was a meat consuming predator even before conscious rose. So Fuck Off Nowadays Veggans!

    PS: All PETA chicks eat meat! 😉 if you know what I mean.


  5. 5 Janak
    November 13, 2009 at 06:20

    Several months ago i saw a program on tv about this farm in South Africa, which breeds animals such as deer, boar. Now, the sole purpose of this camp is to give people an experience on hunting down animals.

    So it works like this, they have this camouflaged hut at an elevation in which you will be present with the weapon of your choosing – a rifle or a crossbow. They will have an animal of your choosing tied at a particular distance and they let you know the spot you should aim at so that would give instant death and will not make the animal feel pain.

    There is training given before you go ahead for the kill.

    This was covered by BBC, and two of their correspondents, tried this out. one of them killed a boar and then later when she was taken close to the animal, her expression said only one thing – “I do not know how to express myself, i’ve never felt this way before”. She was dead speechless.

    The other person backed out at the last moment, just before firing his rifle. he could not do it. From the point he entered the camp he had this argument with the rangers that the activities on the farm were not right.

    One of the rangers tolerated him enough and blasted him – “You eat meat and you do not make that judgement because someone else butchers that animal for you. Get out of my camp.”

    I am glad the BBC did not edit the end.


  6. 6 Roy
    November 13, 2009 at 06:46

    I don’t want to sound off like a capitalist here; but then why CURB/ RESTRICT/ STANDARDIZE profitable sectors like tobacco, meat, gold, drug/ pharma licensing, alcohol for and by the beholders of humanity’s last bastion?

    I believe hypocrites are the ones who want to lay down certain rules to their own gratification out of all of the above sectors. And to name a few arseholes: Anbumani Ramadoss, Maneka Gandhi, Pramod Navalkar, Pamela Anderson, Tipper Gore, etc.

    They all live in ivory towers where they rest their overfed bellies and plan their next move to make-believe their life to be purposeful. All in the name of humanity!!! Duh.


  7. November 13, 2009 at 08:33

    @Demonos: “Just waiting for the day when this human race becomes an endangered species, so that I can contribute to the man slaughter.”

    Such noble thoughts you have, I’m on your side! But why wait? Let the killing begin!

    @Janak: Point made very well, as always.


  8. November 13, 2009 at 08:57

    @Ups: I said “not all dolphins are endangered”, but of course, we listen to only as much as we want to. This post was only and only about the dolphins and whales being killed in Denmark/Faroe Islands (which are not endangered, as I clearly stated earlier), but you were too busy thinking up seemingly intelligent questions to throw at me to test my knowledge about dolphins and whales in general.

    About the sentence from this post which you quoted, I won’t even bother explaining it to you for fear of it tampering with my intelligence. If you find it hard to believe that people (including children) who don’t think twice about putting chicken, mutton, pork, fish in their mouth do feel screwed when they hear of “cute animals” like rabbits, cats, dogs, dolphins being slaughtered for their meat, there isn’t anything I can say to you. Do get out more and try asking meat eaters what kind of food makes them squirm.

    You missed the point entirely, as usual…but thanks for the links, which, by the way, don’t throw any light on whether the dolphins and whales we’re talking about are endangered. If you think I missed something you’re more than welcome to copy/paste a sentence or two from those pages you linked, everyone’s welcome to make their point. The links are good for everyone’s general knowledge, though.

    And thanks for leaving a comment even though you “don’t want to make the blog thing more popular”. Nice of you to rise above the petty mindset, it must’ve been hard for you.


  9. 9 Sam
    November 13, 2009 at 09:59

    Now that’s what a guy does when he is busy reproducing a killer idea or just killing time! – be it career, be it fun or what the heck, it’s just planning the sadistic pleasure of amusing others through acerbic and sarcastic blog posts!

    Dude, you can even think on the lines of going sinister way through your blogs. Catch all mother fuckers ( The ones who are invading and pervading the society and maligning it unabashed.) unaware, perhaps you could castrate them and make them sore losers that they are.

    It’s time to take them from down town to china town. Just like world ripped apart a masquerading and a consummate lunatic, George W. Bush! But somehow, his ‘bushisms’ were a saving grace to miniscule extent. … Read More

    It’s time to expose all the follies and foibles of those who hold a privileged positions in the societal hierarchy. Let them get the whacks that could never heal and feels like a merciless hit of a thunderous ramrod! It will make them yellow and quickly, mellow as well. 😛

    Here’s my ‘Middle Finger’ to all shitheads!


  10. 10 Sam
    November 13, 2009 at 10:17

    Excuse me, haven’t you blokes heard of the plight of Dolphins that is a resident of India’s most sacred river – Ganges? The name of that particular Dolphin specie is weirdly named ‘SUSU’ – Nope, i ain’t talking about a lingo which toddlers or kids call the piss. 😛

    Moving on to a serious issue, it’s simmering alright. The plight of a powerless, defenseless animals moves me immensely. I have totally gone vegetarian and nothing lures me more than Paneer Tikkas and Garlic Kulchas. I literally dig in as if it’s the last time i am gonna taste the real food. Excuse me for my whimsical balderdash, topic of contention is extremely grave and if we don’t address it, we are almost booking our own graves. The only thing left is cover it with a sand.

    Pardon my constant blabbering again, killing a living, breathing animal as loyal as a Dog, as innocent as a cow or as affable as a Goat, is simply barbaric. World would be a much better place if this world turns Vegetarian rather than being Omnivorous.

    I am moved by the plight of these speechless and innocent animals, whose necks are guillotined without giving a second thought. Forget about a remorse, it’s a distant illusion not even a distant reality.

    Action speaks louder if this merciless, butchers can have ears to listen to these poor animal’s plight. I belong to school of thought which appeals to my inner voice that screams, screw the abusers and butchers! If i had the discretionary powers, i would have executed all those who make promises and forget them as if they are for keeps!

    If we show, we care, i am optimistic, all the morons and jackasses responsible as the ethical keepers of this ravaged and savage society, must be brought to justice. No criminal whether against a child or a woman or an animal must be spared! Punitive measures are the order of the day and all privileges must be disqualified if any person tries to use his/ her influence.

    It’s high time that we send SOB’s and mother fuckers who cause nuisance straight to hell!


  11. November 13, 2009 at 10:48

    I could not resist commenting further after reading a comment post that my eyes the gratefully missed! Or else I would not have written this:

    Varathora – I don’t see the reason why us so-called ‘uninitiated & ignorant’ selves need to read about the “Retroposon analysis of Major Cetacean Lineages” or “The Monophyly of toothed whales” or “the Paraphyly of river dolphins”…(phew..) to understand what you have written.

    Janak – Excellent comment, and good read with a great message! Thanks.


  12. November 13, 2009 at 13:57

    @Demonos: I didn’t realize till you pointed it out…those hilariously ridiculous sounding titles can be counter-attacked only by some goregrind bands. Let me take the help of Disgorge (Mexico) and show everyone who’s boss.

    The Vile Sores In Urticariothrocisism Goulashed Decrepitance

    urethrive decortico – xanthomatose muco gestated scaffold

    haemorphy endarteriectomized punzed eozinophile

    purpuric cytoskeletal glucid oxidase



  13. November 13, 2009 at 14:09

    I read that PETA stands for People for Eating Tasty Animals. Nature preys on its own. Animals and other forms of non-human life prey on their own and others for food and survival. @ Aditya Mehta & Dipankar Roy: The result of patience is good sometimes, let the world go in for the kill on your behalf on December 21, 2012 when according to the ancient Mayans the world will come to an end and the release of the movie 2012 today speaks for it


  14. 14 janak
    March 1, 2010 at 18:34

    I remembered we had discussed about the dolphins here. Watch this, The Cove – http://www.thecovemovie.com/WatchTheTrailer.htm

    Also, watch what happens on the 4th minute on – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJBxNbO7mRQ&feature=related


  15. 16 blacksheep
    May 31, 2010 at 15:10

    law of the (urban) jungle. eat and be eaten. lol.


  16. June 14, 2010 at 09:18

    All you sexy meat-eaters who have cats and dogs as pets should go to other Asian countries. Have fun watching dogs get slaughtered like goats. Wouldn’t it be fun if it happened to the family dog?


  17. 18 sanket
    June 14, 2010 at 16:14

    my body is a graveyard of rotting carcasses of animals I’ve eaten.


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