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Shakti Kapoor

You have to know Bollywood villain and comedian Shakti Kapoor because he’s equally famous for his scandals and controversies. Of course, everyone knows about the sting operation which caught him propositioning a chick. I’ve been asked time and again to say something about Shakti but words fail me. For those who came in late, here are some deadly headlines and memorable moments…

Shakti Kapoor caught doing a B-grade film again!!!

Shakti Kapoor has been accused of misbehaving with a Nepali actress

Shakti Kapoor taunts media at an event

More than shocking, these kind of headlines are a great source of amusement to all who don’t expect anything less from Shakti. Some of these headlines can even hold their own against his names and dialogues in Hindi movies.

You might feel sad at reading this but it’s not surprising at all.

Shakti Kapoor. Become a fan. Date of Birth: N/A. Place of Birth: N/A … Oops! There are no messages. This celebrity has no fans.

“Aaooo, sharmao mat.”

Did you know Shakti was thrown out of J W Marriott in Goa for urinating in the swimming pool? He went to the bar after midnight and had had some pegs of Black Label when the bartender announced it was closing time and Shakti started punching him. Angry that he couldn’t get more to drink, he went and urinated in the swimming pool. Having nothing else to do, he went to the lobby and slapped the duty manager and started abusing the security staff when they tried to intervene.

Shakti Kapoor has turned writer and is working on a script called “Sex & Scandal”

“Pappu… chala chappu.”


According to Filmfare magazine, Shakti got slapped by Akshay Kumar a few years back. It was Diwali, and something went wrong during a game of cards some celebs were playing.

Shakti said, “Akki was cheating in the game. I told him not to do it. He pushed me and I fell. He did not slap me. I left the party after that because I didn’t want it to get ugly.”

But Akshay Kumar had a different story to tell. “Shakti was an uninvited guest at the party. He was using foul language and it was embarrassing because there were so many ladies present. He was so drunk he couldn’t even stand up straight. All I did was give him a slight shove and he was down on the floor. If he says he saw me cheating at cards, he’s lying. He was so drunk he didn’t know what he himself was doing.”

“Samajhta nahi hai, yaar!”


Not one to be content with things, Shakti sent Akshay Kumar an expletive-filled SMS the morning after the incident.

After the sting operation, Shakti was apologizing profusely to the chick who had trapped him when he realized he had been screwed for good and that this time the stain was indelible. Shakti then wiped off his remorse and threatened the journo/bait and the tv channel reporters. He called them up and said, “Chhuri maar doonga, nanga kar doonga!”

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