Music Review: Dasvidaniya

Modern Bollywood music has scared me with the direction it has taken in recent times, what with high-profile teams delivering mediocre musical scores. I generally approach new Hindi film music warily, but never losing hope of finding something that totally floors me.

Dasvidaniya – the word means ‘goodbye’ in Russian. The audio CD has five tracks on it, three songs, a remix and an instrumental version of one of the songs.

The first song Muskura starts with Sonu Nigam gently crooning, accompanied by the accordion, an instrument I haven’t heard since the glorious days of Raj Kapoor-Shankar-Jaikishan! This song has such an old-school feel to it, it is impossible to not like it! An accordion solo comes in before Sonu’s melodious voice takes over again. It’s definitely been awhile since Bollywood music has had such nice lyrics.

One thing I need to make very clear – I was not a fan of Kailash Kher’s vocals before I heard this…but they go so well with the music of Alvida (that’s Hindi for ‘goodbye’)! There is a short guitar solo in the song, and the chorus is very soothing. What I really like here is Kher knows exactly when to end the song, instead of letting it drag just because he knows he has come up with something nice.

Mumma! Yes, that’s the name of the third song and what can I say about a song that is titled Mumma and has the best Hindi lyrics written in a very, very long time. An acoustic guitar fornicates with laidback percussion, and the lyrics, I cannot get over them! This evening I will run home to my mother and give her the biggest hug of my life. This guy whose voice I don’t care much about is making me miss my mom and cry with a song I have heard only twice in my life. Do I need to say anything else?

Alvida Remix is very peppy, and it is short – something every other music director can learn from Kailash Kher. No Tu saala or any such nonsense here! I wish they’d included a lyrics booklet, for even though it is easy to understand the words, it’d be wonderful to read them while listening to the music.

Muskura‘s instrumental version comes on, this time with the accordion and clean electric guitar notes mingling playfully. This is a sheer delight.

Kailash Kher, Naresh and Paresh – pay heed to what I say and next time don’t tease us by giving us only five tracks, when you could easily throw eight or 10 and we’d lap it up. And I demand to know why the background score has not been included on this baby.

Such soothing music, such great lyrics… these ears haven’t heard such greatness in a very long time. Bollywood music lovers, it’s time to say Dasvidaniya (Alvida will also do) to lesser mortals who attempt to impress us with pretentious crap in the name of music. Can we have another one please, Mr Kher?


[Previously published on Buzz18]

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