Can Alcohol Drinkers Be Controlled By Government Stupidity?

Boozards in Mumbai will not be able to buy more than two bottles of alcohol per week, if the State Excise Department has its way. In an attempt to curb the illegal sale of liquor which flourishes during dry days and at nights, 150 excise officers will try to prevent the entire drinking population of Mumbai from purchasing more than two bottles of liquor per person per week. First of all, no one really observes a dry day, not on Independence Day and certainly not on M.K. Gandhi’s birthday or death anniversary. Everybody who drinks craves the booze even more on dry days, so when wine shops and bars everywhere are shut, people buy alcohol illegally and don’t mind paying that extra bit of cash to defy rules and render them ineffective. Liquor stores are not going to welcome this move either, and will start selling a lot more than two measly bottles to anyone who wants to stock up, or more people will eventually become barflies and drink to their liver’s content. How is it possible to moderate an entire city’s alcohol intake? Even if the Government has woken up after all these beers years, how will it keep a tab on everyone who walks into a bar?

10 Responses to “Can Alcohol Drinkers Be Controlled By Government Stupidity?”

  1. December 11, 2009 at 08:38

    And I thought we lived in one of the biggest democracies in the world. This is actually one sure-fire way of making people stock up on booze. Like my husband and son are random drinkers. They sometimes drink seven days a week or go without a peg for a whole month. This might just tempt them to ensure that they get their quota. They might also get me to buy booze for them 😉 and drink that too – teetotaller that I am.
    I agree with you that illegal businesses flourish during dry days. Like why would one want to pay respect to Gandhiji on one day by abstaining and drink the other 364 days around? I just don’t get the funda.
    Curb on drunken driving, etc are welcome. But this is just ridiculous! This is just Government’s one more fool-proof way to make a fool of itself, I suppose.


  2. December 11, 2009 at 08:43

    That’s like showing Adam the apple and saying hey, you can’t eat this shit anyway… But what did he do anyway? He ate it, the bugger! Therefore… govt. or no govt…. people will continue drinking. And why make it if it’s so dangerous or whatever other loony thought the govt. has? I think Absinthe should be made available everywhere for cheap. If not, let’s start an absinthe factory 😀 Moonshine FTW!! 😉


  3. 5 Ritesh Mayekar
    December 11, 2009 at 09:28

    Jaada daaru pinay say liver kharab ho jaata hai our gutterment has realised this . But liquor accounts for the major revenue for our country.Dunno which shithead came up with this idea and how will they implement it.


  4. 6 Roy
    December 11, 2009 at 12:20

    First it was the anti-tobacco lobby. Those twits worked hand-in-glove with our government & the (un)health(y) dept. (everybody knows ’bout govt-run hospitals!)

    The ministry was then headed by people like Ramadoss who probably was ragged when in college by butt-flicking seniors. No wonder he turned into a butt-licker and never smoked. So smoking was banned whichever place was deemed public. Then came the extremely whimsical messages and pictorials on the cigarette packs. This was already getting all too personal for me and scores of other smokers who according to medical reports were supposed to die of cancer some years back.

    Now we have this. An alcohol ban. Varathora, we have already mused on dry days so many times before, that people actually end up drinking more because of the curb and the thrill to drink lawlessly! Also if the govt wants to turn atrocious and autocratic in nature, it will only aggravate the situation with drunks. In a lighter vein – If drunks can be boisterous after their gutful, imagine liver-dry zombies across the state/ nation who will walk the street like scavengers in search of booze!

    Now the serious facts of such an imposition: DID YOU KNOW??? – The dry state of India – Gujarat that had the audacity to impel Gandhian policies of non-alcoholism, is now facing a daunting menace of a clandestine trade/ nexus with millions of rupees involved!!
    Banned liquor hauls & hooch deaths also are common/ frequent news out there.

    This time it’s getting more than personal I believe. And I got something to say to people who furiously lobby against the ‘grimes of nature’ (read: cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana) how will you feel tomorrow when they say you ain’t allowed to make out with your fav chick/ stud if you already have done it twice in the week before!!!

    Lastly the health ministry should look at more serious issues that cause pollution/ death rather than something that people have been savoring since a few millennia. Now that was a long comment but good that you read it all as this is worth mailing to APJ himself!


  5. 7 Sam
    December 11, 2009 at 13:43

    Indian Politics is full of opportunistic hyenas and fangs sinking Vampires. They are a travesty to every sane, responsible person that inhabit this great nation. I wonder, inspite of being the world’s largest democracy, it’s still an alien concept.

    The higher ups and Bureaucrats make merry and, the commoners are made to scurry. After deliberate thinking on the part of Supreme Court’s bench of judges, to legalize the oldest profession known to man, ‘Prostitution’.

    And the apathy shown towards the plight of every commoner makes me aghast and, ruefully declare, ‘It happens only in India!!!’. The weaker section are exploited remorselessly. The women are abducted and forced into flesh trade. Children are made to slug it out in factories at a age, where they should be playing with toys and mumbling kindergarten poems.

    More disgusting is the fact that on one hand they give away permits and licenses to bars and discotheques, unabashed. Every educated youth knows, India is bustling with half of its population lies in the age group of 18-30 years. Still, the imbeciles levy all kinds of taxes for their perverse purposes. On one hand, they let off terrorist ( read Ajmal Kasab) by spending amounts running well into millions, for his protection!!!!!! Isn’t that baffling???????? But, what’s even more baffling, is the fact that it comes from every tax payer’s pockets – and, that’s us! It’s all because of dim witted, ravenous politicians and scum bags in the judicial system. Here’s is middle finger to them all! /!\ 😛


  6. 8 Jenny
    December 12, 2009 at 05:38

    Mumbaikars cant be stopped during the holiday season 😀
    Btw,has it stopped snowing or is it my lappie giving trouble?


  7. 9 Beer_Guzzler
    December 25, 2009 at 12:38

    December 25 to December 31 is going to be crazy. Cops are going to go all out catching drunk drivers. I saw some nakabandis last night and people being sent off in police vans bwahahaha


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