Music Review: Nefarious Dismal Orations

-by Dipankar ‘Demonos’ Roy

Band: “Inquisition”

Album: “Nefarious Dismal Orations” (2007)

One of the existing hopes of black metal in Kali Yuga ‘bizaare ;), ex-Columbia USBM led by the towering Lord Dagon is the extremely evil, unhallowed almighty Inquisition.

Nefarious Dismal Orations comes post megalithic albums like Invoking…, Into the InfernalMagnificent Glorification….and this time with a title that’s shorter but hymns to his beloved Lord that are larger than what can be surmised in mere CD space.

Nefarious…dawns with an Ingmar Bergman kind of theme aptly christened Ancient Monumental War Hymn that takes one right to the classical world of antiquity & wisdom that builds up to unleash an onslaught of machine-gun triggered drums and now-characteristic Inquisition guitar riffing and yes the bellowing, haunting wails of Dagon. His vocal capability has long been the point of utter amazement and stoic horror. There is something stupefying in the overdriven vocals those which don’t cry of depression, suicide or desolation. Instead what is apparent in most of Inquisition songs are hymns to the ancient Lord of Darkness. Surprise element: Double vocal growls. This track holds a sensation of what is to follow beyond.

Nocturnal Gatherings and Wicked Rites reminisces one of those sinister & abrupt guitar leads that Dagon has introduced in his earlier work, they sound like a sudden wail of an attack out of nowhere like an ambush. This song has intermittent slow bridges where, for once you can let your mind pause for a while out of the ecstatic victorious feeling & reflect on the sheer genius of the artistry that Dagon has consistently held all this while. Surprise Element: Song ends with howls of some hundred miserable souls begging you for mercy and the overdriven guitars taking the lives out of them.

Strike of the Morning Star is definitely one of the best songs of the album. Ancient, powerful, controlled, and clear. The fact I love this band so much is that Inquisition is mighty strong with their lyrics, and you can distinctly figure the message that Lord Dagon holds for those with Luciferian inclination. Beautiful solo riffing completes the track. No surprise element here as his consistency abounds.

Through the Infinite Sphere Our Majesty Shall Rise – Unlike Marduk and some other bands, there is no self glorification here. Its all about what Dagon said before in one of his tracks from the Magnificent Glorification….album – Its the Eternal Loyalty to our (his) Lord Satan. And eternal loyalty is what Dagon stands by. Some extreme double bass involved here, as the solemn haunting continues.

Infernal Evocation of Torment is sure to remind you of Abbath. Surprise Element: Lots of Immortal influence without sounding like them. This is a hymn of shorter duration as compared to other songs in the album; in fact it’s the shortest at 2:56.

By now you have gathered enough energy and ready to raise Him from the great Slumber so as to assist Him in His doing – hence this is the time Where Darkness is Lord and Death the Beginning hits you in the heart! This song is one that holds a lot of emotional elements. Some great riffwork melodies. However insertion some solos could’ve been very tasteful here. But again do not forget – you are in Inquisition territory! Slow drawling sounds with pinch harmonics and majestic melodies lead you to a trance-like or rather a séance-like atmosphere; perfect for your nocturnal rituals to commence. So feel cosy now & indulge.

The title hymn exudes fury and controlled chaos at the start. Surprise element: Oh lord, was Dagon humoring himself? Notice the pitch bends here at the riff bends. This track disappointed me for a split bit, but before I realized I was struck by – Surprise Element 2: an Ingmar Bergman kind of war hymn playing in the outro that effects as a far-off beguiling victory horn. The most notorious song of the album this or shall I surmise – Nefarious Dismal Orations.

My pick of the album – Enter the Cult. Definitely takes the throne away as the best beckoning call to the ones uninitiated. The wailing leads are back as guitars do the talking for Dagon. You can feel the flow of adrenalin in the song structure. The sound has been maintained to the most wicked level. Surprise Element: An unyielding wait for Dagon’s vocal parts.

Before the Symbol of Satan We Vow and Praise – The finale hymn says it all. For those who missed the vocals, Dagon is back with renewed evil prowess. Sharp-edged and resonating chants and hymns bounce off the walls around you as the weak tremble and the mighty become stronger. By now the enlightened monster of yourself that you have invoked within, in all grimness and solemnity is at one with the solitary chiming of the bells that concludes this excellent musical piece of war wizardry that Inquisition has set forth.

Am I impressed or what? Hell Jeah.

Overtly Satanic & subtly violent without even treading into misanthropy, depression, fascism, mindless homicide/genocide or confabulated Nietzsche-inspired themes, this album like all others is entirely dedicated to the worship of The Supreme Lord of Nature.

Definitely not one of Inquisition’s masterworks. Nevertheless, the surprises & treats in store for a keen listener or a fan, in times of nowadays black metal, Inquisition majestically heralds the masthead following of the truest form.

If you need a rating: 3.5/5…because Before the Symbol of Satan We WOW and Praise!

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