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Salman, Vinay Or Abhay

Feb 17, 2009

Had the pleasure of watching three new films over the weekend and it sure feels good to say the trends are changing. Slowly, but steadily and surely. The screenplay of Luck By Chance is similar to that of Dil Chahta Hai – with non-clichéd dialogue and interesting interaction between the characters. When you are impressed with a movie primarily for not employing the clichés of filmmaking, you can understand the majority of the flicks being churned out are of poor quality.

Dev D is another movie to watch, and Anurag Kashyap and Abhay Deol the men to watch out for. As far as the Bollywood style of movie making goes, these guys flung the books out of the window long back. So our current movie idols will have to pull something out of their hats if they want to retain their ‘superstar’ tag.

The audience is definitely changing – there are so many people who loved Dasvidaniya and thought it was great to have an unconventional ‘hero’. Not only was it a refreshing change to have Vinay Pathak as the leading actor, but the story was so far away from what Bollywood usually comes up with.

And speaking of what Bollywood usually comes up with, nobody in the Hindi film industry has any business complaining about Slumdog Millionaire. While how many awards it deserves and how Mumbai has been portrayed in the movie is something people can argue about till the cows come home, the bottomline is no Indian director took on the story and made a film on it. What’s important is to admit to ourselves that it takes a Danny Boyle flick to show us how a movie that shows the slums of our city should be made. We don’t complain about trash coming out of Bollywood, and SM is a pretty good Hollywood product – so what’s the big noise about? Do yourselves a favour and rent a DVD of Trainspotting – you’ll either rip it off or give up filmmaking. Buzz off!

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