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Republic Day 2010

Many years ago, I was taught the words to and the meaning of Vande Mataram by my nana. My maternal grandparents were freedom fighters, and it was at their home that I’d watch the National Song on Doordarshan at 7 am every Sunday morning.

It’s a beautiful tune, far greater than the National Anthem, at least in terms of musical quality. I’ll launch the attack on the National Anthem another time, this day is too big for small complaints.

I understand we can’t display the Indian flag except on Republic Day and Independence Day, and it’s a real shame for a country that forces its people to stand up to show respect to the National Anthem before movie screenings in cinema halls. Excuse me again, I’ll save the rest for an abusive post to publish another day.

While Americans can wear patriotic swimwear, anyone who puts forth the idea of the Indian flag on a bikini will immediately be lynched. Not that Indian women have a place to prance around in a bikini at, but I can’t help wondering how it’d look. One part of the top saffron and the other one green. White down there with the navy blue Ashoka Chakra, and the whole damn thing has to be made from khadi, of course. Pretty, pretty…wear it in Goa. It might even make things easier for men who aren’t sure what goes where.

Aim for the chakra, boys.

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