Behind The Mask

By Janak Samtani
Ladies & Gentlemen, please give way to the path-breaking & revolutionary organization – Wikileaks.
They are –
A very small group of extremely determined & innovative people from the Sunshine Press, who form this global whistle-blower organization.
Their Aim –
To bring to public the real agendas & actions carried out by their governments, corporates & institutions; which are kept secret for their own benefit.
Their homepage –
How they achieve this –
Any person, insider to a government, corporate or any institution can leak information to them through a secured transmission.
What about your identity?
It is never disclosed and you remain anonymous. Wikileaks also shows you ways of replicating information internally to protect the suspicion of being caught. A particular person can come under suspicion of leaking insider information if that information is available solely to that person. So such tactics are demonstrated to protect your identity internally to your organization.
Are they connected with Wikipedia in anyway?
No. But like Wikipedia it works on donations sent in by public.
Leaks done so far –
Yes, three leaks of the many are:
1. Video of U.S. soldiers gunning down Iraqi civilians in Baghdad. This was leaked from the Pentagon. [http://wikileaks.org/]
2. Internal document containing claims close to 40 Billion Euros made to the failed Iceland’s Kaupthing Bank. This means money was taken out from the country and the bank allowed to fail, causing a financial crises in Iceland. This is a perfect case of a first-world country being robbed. [http://file.wikileaks.org/file/kaupthing-claims-update.pdf]
3. Leaked document which is a classified CIA document on possible PR-strategies on gaining support in Germany & France for the war in Afghanistan. [http://file.wikileaks.org/file/cia-afghanistan.pdf]
Their Public Presentation –
What I have to say –
If you feel this means nothing to people in India or any other country, then you could not be more wrong. Repercussions & the domino effect of fraudulent & destructive practices carried out by or in one country have impact directly or indirectly to most other countries & peoples. Wikileaks are leaking & have pledged to continue to leak such regular practices of institutions.
Without any army they have taken on & challenged several governments, including the one of United States. You’ve got to salute them & let others know about Wikileaks.
They could show a way to the Indian Government to set up such a safe & protective environment, so that more whistle-blowers do not meet the fate that of Satyendra Dubey [whistle-blower on the corruption in the Golden Quadrilateral Project].
I really hope Wikileaks stay true to their cause. Hail!

4 Responses to “Behind The Mask”

  1. 1 Sam
    April 20, 2010 at 05:23

    Dude, it could help in bringing in transparency of governments across the world. If these guys are given the leeway, they would expose the water tight kept secrets that has potential to be combustible.

    Definitely, it would be an eye opener. As it would expose those unseen transactions and demeanor of those elected to power. If it’s discreetly done then nobody can escape the Weakileaks for sure.

    Utter negligence on the part of US government and state heads have had worse negligence as there is a mutiny in Iraq which was raided for their mineral oil and biochemical weaponry. What we need is conclusive evidence and since these extremely crafty guys will provide that without getting exposed.

    As you pointed out that domino effect will have every country in its grasp directly or indirectly. What happens in US has direct or indirect repercussions in India and else where.
    It’s imperative to control the unfair trade malpractices and most importantly, to counter the threat of anti social elements.

    No wonder, a speedy, crafty Weakileak is going to make a big splash by exposing the corrupt and the powerful politicos across the wide expanse of the universe. It’s inevitable and high time that we face these challenges head on. Who else but Weakileaks are showing the way. šŸ™‚


  2. April 20, 2010 at 05:33

    Lots of whistles need to be blown in our nick o’ the woods. Hope someone uses this here. But Indians are clever at getting away. We keep secrets in a very low-tech manner.


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