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Movie Review: Iron Man (2008)

By Saurin Parikh

I don’t really bother watching movies made for kids. Yes, Iron Man is a kiddy movie. Quite a few grown-ups would have had their share of fun watching Iron Man too, but this is the kind of film that is made to cater to essentially a younger audience; it is based on a comic, after all. Sure, comics are still fun, and Iron Man was eventually fun too, but I hadn’t bothered going for it when I had come out two years ago. I saw it recently on DVD, because I have suddenly started to look forward to Iron Man 2. The presence of a certain Scarlett Johansson has gotten me all excited about the sequel.

As you probably already know, Iron Man is based on a Marvel Comics character of the 60s. The film is written by John Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr in the lead role of Tony Stark. An engineer, industrialist and inventor, Stark is the owner of a company that manufactures weaponry. Stark is a smart-ass playboy, who is as quick with inventions as he is with the ladies. He goes to Afghanistan to make a presentation and is captured by (surprisingly) Hindi-speaking goons of the terrorist kind. The head goon asks him to make a missile, but Stark is a cool smart American, isn’t he, so he makes up an iron suit and escapes from the terrorists’ clutches, of course killing a number of them on the way.

Back home, Stark receives a grand welcome but is soon shunned by the BOD of his company for turning over a new leaf. Unperturbed, he sets out to replicate his iron suit and makes one that is a million times better. Back in Afghanistan, the goons are also remaking Stark’s iron suit and after a lot of this and that’s, the film culminates to a skirmish between the good and bad iron suits.

Iron Man is a filmy comic book and a decent one at that. The film has commendable visual effects, but nothing awe-inspiring. It has the usual good-triumphing-over-evil storyline, something that the kids will lap up eagerly and enthusiastically.

Iron Man does its job, is an overall fun flick. Now let’s see what Iron Man 2 has to offer. I, for one, hope Scarlett Johansson has a huge role in it.

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