Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

By Saurin Parikh

This is an A-rated review. Read it at your own risk, only if you’re an adult, or consider yourself an adult.

Fuck, I fuckin’ knew you would read this fuckin’ review only because I fuckin’ said it’s fuckin’ A-rated. Fuck you! The only fuckin’ A-rated thing about this fuckin’ review is the fuckin’ overuse of the fuckin’ ‘F-word’ in its many fuckin’ forms. When a fuckin’ movie has the fuckin’ ‘F-word’ in its many fuckin’ forms in every fuckin’ sentence, its fuckin’ review has to have the fuckin’ ‘F-word’ in its many fuckin’ forms in every fuckin’ sentence too. Hence, if you’re a fucked-up fuck who gets fuckin’ offended by the fuckin’ ‘F-word’ and its many fuckin’ forms, then don’t read this fuckin’ review and sure as fuckin’ hell, don’t watch the fuckin’ movie: Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back.

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back is a fuckin’ sexy, funny movie about two fucks – Jay and Bob. Both are fuckin’ cult characters who have appeared earlier in fuckin’ movies like Clerks and Clerks II. If you don’t fuckin’ know about these two fucks, then you’re a bigger fuckin’ fuck who is so seriously fucked up that you need to get a fuckin’ life. Pronto!

Any-fuckin’-way, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back released in 2001. The fuckin’ film is fuckin’ written and directed by Kevin Smith, Silent Bob himself. The fuckin’ film is a fuckin’ tribute and farewell to the two fuckin’ lead characters. In the fuckin’ movie, Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) find out that a comic book based on their likenesses is being made into a fuckin’ movie. Fuck, is what they fuckin’ say and set the fuck out to get some fuckin’ cash from the fuckin’ comic book’s writer, only to fuckin’ learn that the fuckin’ characters based on them are being fuckin’ annihilated on the fuckin’ internet. And a fuckin’’ movie is being made on their fuckin’’ characters too. Fuck, they say again and set the fuck out again, this fuckin’ time to stop the fuckin’ film from being made. En route to fuckin’ Hollywood, they encounter a fuckin’ gang of fuckin’ sexy babes who turn out to be fuckin’ jewel thieves. Jay falls in fuckin’ love with one of the fuckin’ sexy babes, steals a fuckin’ orangutan at her behest, fights off a fuckin’ stupid Federal Wildlife Marshal, but somehow manages to fuckin’ reach Hollywood, Silent Bob and orangutan in tow. Do they fuckin’ manage to stop the fuckin’ movie from being made? Do they get their fuckin’ due? Well, what the fuck! Watch the fuckin’ movie to find the fuck out.

The fuckin’ fact that Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back is fuckin’ funny is a fuckin’ understatement. It’s a fuckin’ laugh riot, no fuckin’ less. The two fuckin’ lead actors – Mewes and Smith – are fuckin’ superb. Most of the fuckin’ obscenities come from Mewes, obviously since Smith plays fuckin’ Silent Bob. The fuckin’ movie also has well-fuckin’-enacted cameos from Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Shannon Elizabeth, Will Ferrell, Eliza Dushku, Ali Larter, Jennifer Smith, and a few fuckin’ others.

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back has a fuckin’ cult following. The fuckin’ movie is one big fuckin’ joke, and a fuckin’ good one at that because it was meant to be a fuckin’ joke. You fuckin’ won’t get all fuckin’ jokes unless you’re fuckin’ aware of Jay and Silent Bob. Watch fuckin’ Clerks first, before you watch this fuckin’ movie. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back is fuckin’ crude, fuckin’ inappropriate, fuckin’ disparaging, fuckin’ fuck, it’s fuckin’ hilarious. And that’s all that fuckin’ matters.

If you’re not a dumbass fuck, you’ll fuckin’ love this movie. Even if you fuckin’ don’t, I don’t give a fuck, neither does Kevin Smith, nor does anyone else associated with this fuckin’ movie.

Fuck you!


2 Responses to “Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back”

  1. 1 Sam
    June 18, 2010 at 07:09

    It was a fuckin’ good idea on the part of the Director to reprise this fuckin’ good movie about two fuckin buffoons, Jay and Silent Bob.

    Clerk & Clerks 2 was fuckin’ hilarious! It’s a fuckin’ cult classic of the 90’s. I am fuckin’ sure that those two amazing fucks, Jay & Silent Bob are double the fuckin’ fun that a fucker could ever get from this seriously fuckin’ entertaining movie! It must be featuring some fuckin’ hot babes that send mercury in a tizzy.

    Of course for all those dumb fucks whom women detest, they can go fuck themselves! Watch this fuckin’ awesome laughter riot and fuckin’ laugh your arse out!

    I will definitely watch this fuckin’ hilarious movie about two amazing fucks Jay and Silent Bob and their fuckin awesome joyride with fuckin’ good cameos from Ali Larter, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Shanon Elizabeth, Will Ferrel, Jennifer Smith & Eliza Dushku. If you’re not a dumb or a numb fuck, then you will thoroughly enjoy this fuckin’ rib tickler! Gimme the fuck yeah! \m/

    I needed this kind of fuckin’ cool entertainment to keep the fuckin’ nerves from making me fuckin’ uncomfortable and fuckin’ numb.

    Gimme the fuckin’ hell yeah! \m/


  2. 2 Nikhil
    June 19, 2010 at 06:57

    Epic Movie ! I laughed my ass off when I watched this on Star Movies months back ! The monkey thing was really hilarious !


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