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Music Review: Ozzy Osbourne’s Scream

Ozzy Osbourne has got a new axeman on board, and he’s the one that makes Scream worth a listen or two. The riffing and soloing by Gus G is so good you’d think it was Zakk Wylde if you didn’t know he’s not with old man Ozzy anymore. Ozzy Osbourne continues his trend of reflective and contemplative lyrics that let you know the bat-biting dove is feeling sentimental, but he stopped being good at singing/writing that stuff after Ozzmosis.

Processed vocals mixed with Ozzy Osbourne’s typical wailing isn’t an impressive combination at all, certainly not when he tries to tell you what he thinks he is. That voice can make you think of every beautiful song the man has made, but Scream sounds rushed; most of the songs here could’ve been so much more.

There are three ‘complete’ songs on Scream: Let Me Hear You Scream, Diggin’ Me Down, and Time. The rest ranges from good to very good playing by Gus G and Tommy Clutefos and whoever else is tolerating Ozzy’s rambling these days. The good stuff we’re talking about somehow transforms into mediocrity; let down by an ill-fitting chorus, or simply refusing to take off.

Ozzy Osbourne ends his 10th studio album by thanking his fans and singing to them, “God bless, I love you all.” Hinting at the end? Thank Sharon, and the groupies who sucked you off when she wasn’t looking. Fans of Ozzy Osbourne should listen to Scream, but there’s not much we can take from it. Come on, Ozzy… one more. And make it nice and heavy this time.


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