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Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2010

HOST WITH THE MOST: P-Man making Randolph Correia announce some winners.

Rolling Stone Metal Awards will be remembered as one of the most ‘happening’ shows of 2010 because 1) It was the first exclusively metal awards event in India. 2) It was a seriously fun gig.

My band Exhumation was there: Prashant blasting it onstage with Scribe, Rohit ‘P-Man’ Pereira (now known as “Mr Rakhi Sawant”) hosting, bothering, harassing the audience. I was adding to the glam quotient and Yash was just… there.

UNDYING INC: Bringing Delhi's metal madness to Bombay!

We missed Demonic Resurrection’s performance because we were busy tanking up elsewhere, and Undying Inc had just started playing when we walked in. It was the first time I saw Undying Inc, and they had crowd all charged up. The Blue Frog is too small a venue for a band like Undying Inc, but Shashank & Co. didn’t seem to mind and blew the place away.

PRE-SCRIBE-D: Scribe's Vishwesh tries to keep up with Dancing Uncle.

Scribe, besides picking up the maximum number of awards, played a short-and-sweet set packed with energetic songs and really shook things up. One thing I have to mention here is that Scribe is only band that won those many awards, and they hadn’t even gone around asking people for votes. They also got Dancing Uncle up onstage and gave him the respect due, but the highlight of the evening was Vishwesh making a kid crowd surf! The audience, packed with metalheads, tossed the boy about as if he were a gift-wrapped mummy, and it looked like a makoda was being taken away by ants. Shantanu and I laughed so hard, it made our stomachs ache; it’s awesome of Rolling Stone to let the metal scene (metalheads + metal bands) feel even more special. Looking forward to it every year from now on.

PASSING THE PARCEL: A twink getting lynched by the metal mob at The Blue Frog.

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