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Movie Review: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai

Seen through the eyes of an honest cop (Randeep Hooda), Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai is the story of the split between Dawood Ibrahim and Haji Mastan. OUATIM starts off by introducing Ajay Devgn as the gangster who steals from the rich and distributes among the poor, and much time is spent establishing that by showing Sultan Mirza (Ajay Devgn) giving money around and being kind to the needy; he’s been moulded this way because of his rise from extreme poverty to great wealth, and is loved by all. He then decides to pursue his own interests and is shown wooing actress Rehana (Kangana Ranaut).

Emran Hashmi is introduced in a similar fashion, but as a reckless brat who’s unaffected by his father’s slaps and feels no shame or regret after stealing from people to have money to spend. Shoaib Khan (Emran  Hashmi), like thousands of kids all over Mumbai, respects and admires Sultan Mirza, much to the chagrin of the top cops, who don’t think youngsters should aspire to become like the gangster. Shoaib Khan then is shown courting Prachi Desai, and the entire first half of the film is about how differently these two dons are treated by the world, how they behave around women, and the way they think about Mumbai.

In the second half, OUATIM turns into a full-fledged masala flick with the ‘70s look and ‘80s Bollywood treatment. Rajat Aroraa has crammed in way too much dialogue, and for most of the movie, it’s people throwing unasked wisdom at each other. The lines are clever, corny, clichéd and so long and dramatic that it makes you laugh to see everybody on screen try to prove himself wiser than the other.

OUATIM is an ordinary story that has been unnecessarily stretched to have Ajay Devgn play an extension of his role in Company. Emran Hashmi is a delight to watch, and Kangana Ranaut and Prachi Desai are good, but Milan Luthria tries so hard to spell everything out that it’s impossible to take this verbose film seriously.

RATING: 2.5/5


Cashing In Spellbound


Farewell, Ravi Baswani

September 29, 1946 – July 27, 2010


Mid-Day Proves Itself To Be A Cheap Tabloid

NEWSFLASH: Ravi Baswani >>>>> Akshay Kumar

The brainless boobs at Mid-Day chose to put up something about how Akshay Kumar’s latest flop was turning out to be a hit (it’s not; they’re lying) and wrote about the death of actor Ravi Baswani in a little corner somewhere in the middle, surrounded by and lost between mostly unimportant news. And they sounded gleeful saying, “We’ll miss you, Ravi!” I bet Mid-Day didn’t know who Ravi Baswani was till they read about his death in Mumbai Mirror, which isn’t exactly the most pleasurable reading experience either.

Ravi Baswani was an artist who acted in around 30 films in 30 years because he didn’t believe in taking up roles which didn’t challenge or help him grow as an actor, died of cardiac arrest in Shimla yesterday, but the dumbfuck editor at Mid-Day thought discussing the merits of Akshay Kumar’s (a movie star who has acted only once or twice in his entire career) latest shitfest made better news.

What a day for a daily newspaper it is when a dimwit blogger has to point out what real news really is. So either Priyadarshan paid money to fool some more people into watching his trashy film or the people at Mid-Day are just plain fucking stupid. Here’s hoping some dumb cunt reads this and sends it across to the editor.

To the editor of Mid-Day: Fuck you, dickhead.


The Best Policy

Unusual of me to approve a comment stuck in the spam queue, but how else does one react to this?

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How could I refuse the poor chap?


Maximum City

By Jigna Rathod

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Movie Review: Khatta Meetha (2010)

Akshay Kumar helps Priyadarshan squeeze out yet another turd

That people not only sit through but also feel entertained by movies like these is difficult to fathom. Shouted out lines, exaggerated facial expressions, cheesy dialogue is what has been passing off as comedy for quite some time now. Lousy jokes, embarrassingly predictable slapstick humour, and the kind of insipid drama that comes on TV make up Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha.

That Akshay Kumar isn’t the most versatile actor around becomes even more obvious as he hams his way though the movie as Sachin Tichkule. He’s a civil contractor and tries to make you laugh by using his surname in different situations and mouthing stupid lines that the other idiots in the film are just waiting to add more pointlessness to. Most of what Akshay Kumar says or does or what goes on in Khatta Meetha is not funny, unless watching Rajpal Yadav getting slapped every now and then makes you laugh, which would mean your IQ is really low.

That people will find a bunch of loser actors and a few veterans participating in this silliness funny and will make a shoddy film like this run for a few weeks is terrible to know. Even the South Indian actress is a bad actor, but at least there’s Urvashi Sharma to look at.

That Khatta Meetha could have been a sweet & sour story, a full-blown satire or a family entertainer would have been anybody’s guess, but it’s just another piece of crap from Priyadarshan, who should be thanked for not bringing in Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal in a lungi.


FUNNY: The Making Of Blue 2

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