Aditya Mehta’s Review: Peepli [Live] Is A Fucking Bore

Peepli Live is a fucking bore of a movie with a bit of decent entertainment thrown in. It probably satisfies Aamir Khan because he had something to do with a social issue in Gujarat and generally likes to make films that are of social relevance. Here he gives a chance to Anusha Rizvi to make a drag of a movie that is a good in some parts, the middle-of-the-road stuff is especially good, as is the hitting out at the media which RGV will be happy to watch.

The best thing about Peepli Live is that it has Raghuvir Yadav, one of the best and most unknown Indian actors. Raghuvir Yadav is outstanding as Budhia, but you fags will obviously find Natha “endearing”. Lord Satan, how I hate that word. Endearing, I think, is used only for ugly or fat people. Sometimes ugly people who are fat, which means they should be behind bars.

Now this Natha is an ugly (but not fat) dumbfuck who doesn’t even react to all the shit happening around him. Now don’t ask me what shit because you should’ve read reviews in the newspapers, which would let you know we are so deprived of quality cinema that critics actually give good reviews to mindless trash like Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, so-so attempts like Tere Bin Laden, and absolute garbage like ATKJ? and Houseful. And now this.

Getting back to Natha, he is an ugly bitch but the director wants plenty of close-ups of his mug just to make idiots like you find him “endearing”. There are some goats near my house, you might find them endearing too. Fuck off with this gay shit. I don’t give a fuck about farmers anywhere and neither do you, so stick to ‘liking’ important-sounding causes on Facebook, okay? Because Aamir Khan’s “socially relevant” films are as effective as you lot signing petitions for causes you don’t give a fuck about or even remember the next day. Even Taare Zameen Par isn’t something I want to watch ever again.

And then there are politicians shown discussing shit you don’t need to know; do you really care what their plan of action is? And that dude who was unhappy about being in the media because it doesn’t really help people or causes and just reports stuff and moves on to the next big piece of news? Yeah, just like this movie which doesn’t do anything for farmers, entertains for a brief period, drags on for way too long; it’s a two-hour movie which seems like it’s three hours long. I felt so happy when that chap died in a bomb blast. Yay.

What am I trying to say here? That Peepli Live is a strictly okay attempt; offbeat cinema shoved into the mainstream because of Aamir Khan’s backing. Subtlety and quality filmmaking have gone for a toss; Peepli Live is noteworthy satire diluted by everything modern-day filmmakers think are necessary ingredients to make a film work. How wrong they are. Peepli Live is not the best film of the year, and neither is it quality cinema. It’s a good idea poorly executed.

RATING: 2.5/5

33 Responses to “Aditya Mehta’s Review: Peepli [Live] Is A Fucking Bore”

  1. 1 Naaz
    August 7, 2010 at 03:43

    It’ll be great… can hardly wait 🙂


  2. 3 JR
    August 15, 2010 at 09:56

    Very left field!


  3. 4 Udayan
    August 15, 2010 at 10:21

    Quite a bore movie,subject is good but not pictured in a good way……Pathetic Movie


  4. August 15, 2010 at 11:08

    i’ll watch it this week n come back here although i get a feeling i am not going to enjoy this one ..


  5. 6 Gaurav
    August 15, 2010 at 13:29

    Was going to watch the movie yesterday, but instead ended up having beer. Good thing i guess 😀


  6. August 15, 2010 at 13:30

    Hmmm, to watch or not to watch is the question. To go my Adiyta’s word or Minty Tejapl’s. What do you guys think?



  7. 9 Sam
    August 15, 2010 at 14:06

    ‘My Aditya’s word’… It seems like Love is brewing or has already bloomed for you dude! Actually, brewing sounds fun if we get to the act of sipping on some delectable booze going around. I feel, Love has that intoxicating feeling as well. The only difference between Love & Booze is that Love’s intoxicating effect last for a long time and alcohol’s effect last for some time.

    But having said that, Peepli Live was touted to herald a refreshing change and mark the coming of age of Indian cinema. But going by your review, bro, it’s a good attempt which could have been much better. It seems that the debutant director focused on nitty-gritty of commercial cinema.

    Actually, farmers suicide is a major concern on a humanitarian level. But to highlight their plight in a half baked / half cooked manner is a recipe for disaster. In a nation that was shocked by 26/11 terrorist mayhem, government ignored the warnings and jeopardized the lives of victims. Embarrassingly they even showed abject apathy towards the same cause that should have stirred the hornet’s nest. But if Aamir Khan backed ‘Peepli Live’ had made an attempt to uncover the flaws in Indian Government machinery through their biggest security debacle of 26/11 by providing faulty gear to top cops of Mumbai Police. It would have got the critical appraisal and wide spread public acknowledgment for sure.

    Before passing an ‘art cinema’ on an outdated topic of farmers’ suicide as a mainstream cinema, one should contemplate a little more.

    ‘Sanity now. Insanity later.’ \m/


  8. 10 sanket
    August 16, 2010 at 03:48

    I saw it.

    social relevancy – 5 stars. Admit it. It fucks with politicians as well as the media. Kudos.

    Acting – i thought the grandma/ “bahu” did awesome. Raguvir and that Natha dude were ok. The power of characterisation is so strong that many a times, average actors can seem “standout” like that faggot …that dude…the guy who was boinking (used this word after a while!) Sushmita sen. Did that “d” or summin’.
    so yeah! Raghuvir yadav had a character pattern that was easy to shine with. do you morons capeesh? Imagine “The dark night”…exactly the same colour and shape without the joker having any make-up on. Just a regular Heath Ledger mouthing exactly those lines….but wearing a business jacket and jeans…no make up on. got it? Characterisation.

    In case any one of you want a lesson in acting, see anything by Sanjeev Kumar, Satish Shah (the brilliant, underrated gujju actor), Sumeet Raghavan (the brilliant underrated actor who started his career playing “Dharmendra” in idiot TV spoofs). or watch Johnny Gaddar/ Kameeney/ Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (Shit Suchitra was actually hot once). Im not going to start with Nasser or Om puri. We all know they’re good.

    Entertainment – 2 stars. Movies can be relevant, socially, AND entertaining. This one is not very entertaining.

    so all in all.


  9. 12 neeru
    August 16, 2010 at 03:49

    cant believe i wasted my precious time n money going for this fuckall move….bloody boring film should be screened only at film festivals…..aamir khan has not hit d bullseye this time


  10. 13 Shezan
    August 16, 2010 at 13:01

    fuck all boring
    aamir has disappointed in the holy month of ramzan


  11. August 16, 2010 at 14:47

    I found the film to be very well made.


  12. August 16, 2010 at 23:18

    wats up man hows it going


  13. 17 Sharnam
    August 17, 2010 at 13:07

    Saw this movie today and didnt like it. Some scenes are funny but overall its a disappointment. Still waiting for a good one from Bollywood this year 😦


  14. 18 atish t
    August 17, 2010 at 13:45

    i liked d muvie but i like ur review also


  15. 19 Raf Raf
    August 17, 2010 at 14:27

    Will skip this, thanks for saving my time & money!


  16. 20 Poonam
    August 17, 2010 at 16:05

    I think i dozed off for a couple of minutes in the second half. Didnt quite miss much.
    The movie is just alright.Not bad, not too good. But it did have interesting scenes(few) and characters(many).
    The concept of the movie was interesting.I liked the wife, Dhania’s reaction to Natha when she was told that they are about to lose their land. The press making a big deal of Natha’s shit. Aditya, you should have put up pictures of that bahu-abusing, bed-ridden amma of Budhia and Natha. She was my sole entertainer.
    I even learnt a new word or two maybe.:D


  17. 22 Kedar
    August 18, 2010 at 20:19

    wats with the fag comment????


  18. 23 KP
    August 18, 2010 at 21:20

    i liked Peepli Live, especially the way they have shown the stupidity of corporate journalism / media

    also love the way they have changed the name of Monsanto to Sormanto (for obv reasons so as to not get sued, but the portrayal was awesome , as if the CM doesn’t care what company it really is…i thought that was brilliant)

    i like the film..despite the sensitive issue, it wasn’t slow..and was funny from an observational point.
    din fancy the ending too much..

    Thanks, someone thinks Once upon a time in Mumbai was complete Z grade trash.

    there is nothing more full of shit than a gangster who is also a philosopher, that too completely cheesy and corny…

    i only saw it because most of these fktards who love the lame bollywood movies told me its an “art” film…the sets are all 1970’s and bs like that

    the sets were nothing like the 1970’s and please please for fk’ sake don’t call it “art”

    “aiii sultan bhai aa gaye, sultan bhaii aaa gaye”….WTF???????

    The intro scene was enough to tell the movie was going to be 3 hrs of mind torture

    Since when the fuck cant trucks go over a fking railway track???…wt shit

    oh yes, that was what built his character, i shall smuggle, but i have a heart, i dont kill
    Of course!!!…Yeah Sultan Bhai saves the day


  19. 24 Swami
    September 23, 2010 at 05:34

    I felt cheated watching Peepli Live. Fuck Aamir Khan and his socially relevant movies!


  20. 25 asma sheikh
    December 4, 2010 at 12:15

    waiting foe srk’s RA1


  21. December 15, 2010 at 11:15

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