Beer Review: Murphy’s Irish Stout

Murphy’s Irish Stout comes in a 500 ml can at Rs 255. I picked it up at Living Liquidz, the only liquor store chain in Mumbai that has an impressive range of imported alcohol. I ignore the whiskies screaming out my name and throw open the fridge door to pick the three beers that will sacrifice their lives for me this week. Murphy’s Irish Stout is the first one up for slaughter. I’m not sure how to go about drinking a stout, leave aside writing about it; my palate is used to only lager, and that’s such a shame. The only time I had a stout was in excitement outside a wine shop when I chanced upon Hayward’s attempt at making a stout. That attempt was a failed one, for Hayward’s Stout Beer tasted like cough syrup, leading me to wonder if stout was meant to taste like that. Soon enough and surely, Hayward’s pulled the failure out of the market and I continued surviving off lagers, never losing hope that someday a truly great beer might arrive and bless my senses.

Here we are, with a genuine stout. On being poured, the liquid which is light brown seems to come alive and the sediment rises, presenting you with a liquid almost black. I am fascinated by the sediment rising and the opaque blackness taking over the entire glass from bottom upwards. The head looks great, and the drink smells like the lagers I’m so used to, but not as strong. Murphy’s Irish Stout is a rich and creamy beer. Much to my joy, the coffee flavour isn’t dominant, and I can taste chocolate malt here. The beer isn’t as thick as it looks and I’m liking this a lot better than the only other dark beer I’ve had so far, which would be Guinness Draught. Yeah, I know it’s really famous but I didn’t like it. But Murphy’s Irish Stout is a truly satisfying drink that can now be found in my fridge at any given time.


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