Music Review: Made Of Metal (2010)

Halford is back with a rocking album that not only does full justice to Rob Halford’s singing skills but also is a pure heavy metal album your ears will quite enjoy. Starting off on a note a bit tame for my liking, Rob sings about a boxing champ on “Undisputed”, but soon enough the solos come in and put my mind at ease. Made Of Metal is a worthy Halford album, full of interesting songs packed with crunchy riffs. “We Own The Night” is straight out of the 80s – the use of keyboards on the chorus doesn’t dilute the pure heavy metal sound and actually gives the song a great feel. The songs are not hard-hitting like Judas Priest’s classics, but it’s just fucking amazing to hear Rob Halford sing. I love that he’s still delivering the goods with that powerful voice. A track titled “Hell Razor” is playing now; do you think the old fag is being cheeky here? “Thunder And Lightning” sounds like a tribute to the music Rob created with Judas Priest, and it’s one of Halford’s best songs, followed by “Twenty-Five Years” which has great lyrics, and I’d quote a line or two but the whole song’s damn good. And then comes “Matador” to kick your classic metal ass, but the Rob Halford I really wanted to hear shows up in full form on the heavy as hell “The Mower”. I don’t even know who the other members of Halford are (I’ll google it after publishing this), but they’re all fucking good. Halford/Judas Priest fans will really like this. Just don’t expect any metal anthems here; Made Of Metal is a strong album, but it’s no Resurrection.

RATING: 3.5/5

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