Saurin Parikh’s Review: The Switch

By Saurin Parikh (Review Catalogue)

This one turned out to be way better than I expected. I expected a mundane rom-com that Jennifer Aniston has been doing all her life, I didn’t really think much of The Switch, expected it to be another mediocre movie that you’d forget minutes after walking out of the theatre. But, but, but, this one surprised me, pleasantly. The Switch is no classic that will be remembered eternally, but it is a wonderfully sweet movie.

The story is about Kassie (Jennifer Aniston), a single woman in her middle-age years who decides to have a baby. She opts for artificial insemination, something that her best friend Walley (Jason Bateman) doesn’t agree to. Kassie still is up for it and finally finds a suitable sperm-donor. But at her insemination party, after the donor has made his donation, Walley somehow ends up replacing the donor’s sperm with his own. How? Go watch the movie to find out how. And what happens next? That’s the best part of the story that I don’t want to tell you about. Let’s just say that the kid that comes out is really sweet and the movie is fun to watch.

The Switch is directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck; it is based on a short story by Jeffrey Eugenides. Hollywood rom-coms are largely stupid; thankfully The Switch isn’t like that. The storyline is obvious, but it doesn’t really get boring. The characters are well-defined, particularly that of Bateman. Aniston is as decent as she’s always been. But the one to watch out for is the kid, Thomas Robinson. He’s brilliant.

Like I said before, The Switch is better than what I expected. It is romantic, cute, funny, emotional and everything else that makes it a nice feel-good movie.

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3 Responses to “Saurin Parikh’s Review: The Switch”

  1. October 15, 2010 at 08:21

    Bateman sounds like a Gujarati superhero!


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