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Nigger Pardons Bird

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I laughed my ass off reading about a stupid American tradition (not drinking Budweiser, no) that has the President of the United States “pardon” a turkey presented to White House by their country’s National Turkey Federation.

While it’s all good for the American press (at least, they don’t have to cover rubbish like Bigg Boss), isn’t it fucking hilarious that humans forgive harmless non-humans?

And what does a turkey need to be pardoned for? Being a bird? Not being in human form?

Terribly sorry for sounding like a dick (my true self, by the way), but letting one bird live and making a show of it is neither applause-worthy nor news-worthy, especially if another bird is sure to be roasted. I’m dead sure the Obamas won’t be having Tofurkey on their dinner table. And it cracks me up that a nigger has pardoned a bird this Thanksgiving. The way some of his ancestors were pardoned for being black?


Twenty Fucking Nine


Chasing The Dragon

Spotted two brown sugar addicts squatting outside an unused gate of the office premises a few days ago. They asked me how I was doing.

They were perfectly alright with me taking pictures of them, and one of them told me they (need to) do the drug 7-8 times a day.

Doesn’t this look like they’re doing drugs in jail? How cool would that be!


Cocaine Spawned Dream

Quit Drinking On Your Own


Bakri Eid 2010


Wake Up And Smell The Corpse

The answer to the crab + corpse contest is being published nearly six months after the announced date because that’s how long it takes Ashwin to send the illustration across.

Illustration by Ashwin Dutt <> Text & Concept by Aditya Mehta


Restaurant Review: Steak House

Steak House (next to Toto’s Garage Pub) is a place I go to once a year to see if the quality of food has improved. My way of checking is ordering something that their menu says is a must-try. This time I ask for a well-done tenderloin steak, and my dining companion for the evening asks for tamarind garlic prawns. You can tell the place hasn’t been doing well because its name has been changed to Not Just Steak House and it now serves Chinese and continental food as well. The prawns are quite nice, and I can’t help licking the tangy garlicky sauce off the plate, but the tenderloin steak shows up medium-rare. It’s close to midnight, and being too tired to send it back, we finish it off with the barbeque sauce. Maybe next year.

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Beer Review: Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

From the brewery which treated me to a very good lager last week comes the first IPA that I get to drink.

My biggest problem these days is not getting beer that’s not already chilled, because I hate having to rush home before the pints get warm and then having to shove them in the fridge. And even if I get home while the beer is still cool, the rushing makes the pint ejaculate a lot of head when I finally open it. Ejaculate, head – get it? I’m stuck with a 4-finger head so I can’t laugh at my clever little joke.

Brooklyn’s East India Pale Ale is an English India Pale Ale, and it smells hoppy as hell. I love the way it looks though; not the amber colour, but how it looks thicker than I expected.

This is a very bitter beer – the hops start attacking my tongue immediately and it doesn’t know how to fight a beer back. These spicy hops are overpowering… is this how IPAs are supposed to be?

Not bad at all for a strong beer (6.9% alcohol volume), but if I ever have this again, it’ll be with spicy Indian khana.

RATING: 2.5/5

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