Music Review: The Wörld Is Yours

There are few things as pointless as writing a review of a new Motörhead album. It’s comes after a certain interval, you know exactly how it’s going to be, and the fans don’t fucking care.

So here’s 2010, with the granddaddy of rock n’ roll Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilminster spouting beautiful wisdom as always, as Phil Campbell riffs and solos his way around and Mikkey Dee dutifully beats the drums to Lemmy’s bass lines and croaked-out commentary about how to live and how to die, and you should pay close attention to what he says because only Lemmy is qualified to talk about such things.

Boastful and arrogant as only he has the right to be, Lemmy has written some killer lyrics for The Wörld Is Yours, and if I started telling you about all the stuff he’s said we’d be talking about it till next week. It’ll also be a waste of time discussing songs on the 20th Motörhead album, so just get it, okay?

It’s not outstanding like Orgasmatron, it’s not classic in the Ace Of Spades way, it’s not smashing like 1916 – but it’s Motörfuckinghead telling you The Wörld Is Yours, so just take it before the old bastards change their mind.


2 Responses to “Music Review: The Wörld Is Yours”

  1. 1 Roy
    December 7, 2010 at 13:04

    do you have the film “LEMMY” ?


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