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3 Extreme Metal Albums You Should Buy

By Kunal Choksi

1) The DeadRitual Executions

The second full-length album of the Australian band The Dead is a brilliant mix of twisted, brain-warping death metal and miasmic sludgy/stoner doom. Perfectly arranged to maintain a sublime, engrossing balance, the combination of sharp, visceral hooks and massive doom trudges with remarkably groovy parts render Ritual Executions one of the most unique and fascinating albums to be released in this era. The remixing and remastering done by Aphotic Mote (Portal) specially for this Diabolical Conquest Records version makes the originally dense and suffocating Ritual Executions much more breathable but retains the rawness and underground vibe that bring The Dead to life. The modified artwork sketched by vocalist Mike Yee suitably captures the essence and horrific otherworldly feel of The Dead‘s music – only a band member could achieve that.

‘Ritual Executions’ is the first release of Diabolical Conquest Records.

Trippy video link:

2) PreludiumImpending Hostility

Third full length album ‘Impending Hostility’ by Polish conquerors Preludium is a direct, fierce and deadly assault on the senses. Crushing imperial might of death metal is unleashed with added spitefulness of black metal, leading to veritable total devastation. Owing allegiance to no schools, Preludium are self-trained to destroy everything in their path without discrimination. And when they are done, everything will be wiped out save for perhaps the memory of their scathing historic onslaught.

‘Impending Hostility’ comes with a full colour 8-panel booklet with awe-inspiring post-World War illustrations elaborating on the theme of the bleak and horrifying cover artwork. All the CDs are made in USA in order to achieve Diabolical Conquest‘s aim of having world class quality for its releases.

Song video link 1:
Song video link 2:
Song video link 3:

3) Drug HonkeyDeath Dub

Drug Honkey‘s music defies conventional categorization. The most general yet accurate description would be something like psychedelic death/doom meets early Godflesh-esque industrialisms/electronics, but it still falls short of the full scope of their music. It is even dark, trippy, sludgy, filthy, noisy, atmospheric and more. Album title ‘Death Dub’ is a tag that probably best suits their music. Being the third and latest full length album of the band, Death Dub is undoubtedly Drug Honkey‘s most accomplished and extreme effort till date. Embarking on this harsh, futuristic and darkly hallucinogenic trip of theirs is bound to alter your perceptions of extreme metal music.

Diabolical Conquest has bought remaining copies of ‘Death Dub’ from the band and taken upon itself the task of promoting it and giving it worldwide distribution.

Video link 1:
Video link 2:
Video link 3 (live song recording):
Super trippy video from their previous album, their most famous one:
^Despite the name, that is an anti-drugs song. Lyric of that one is ((((((don’t)))))))))

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