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Music Review: The Decemberists – The King Is Dead

Oh, man! Should I kick myself for not having checked this band out earlier or should I be grateful for having found them at all? A harmonica and thick beats make the ears stand up as a nasal voice with a unique singing style blows forth the most interesting lyrics. The guitar and bass are perfect; there’s a bit of folk and country here but what it is is splendid pop music. With melodies that are heart-warming but not instantly catchy, The King Is Dead is meant to be played several times and then a few more. Each of the songs is outstanding, and the album is so good that I’m compelled to not only change the ratings on the two album reviews that were published earlier today but also delete those inferior albums from this laptop. And then I’m going to treat myself to everything The Decemberists have done before, kicking myself all the damn way.


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Music Review: Social Distortion – Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes

The new album from Social Distortion is a mix of punk rock and alternative/country music. Road Zombie stirs up expectations that may at first seem diluted by the bluesy songs on Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes but save the first couple of attempts at blues/country/alternative it’s all good. Machine Gun Blues is a really good track with all its bad boy charm. Bakersfield is quite alright, and if that slows things down, Social D speed it up with Far Side Of Nowhere and Alone And Forsaken. The rest of the songs are very listenable too, and although Mike Ness bares his soul in a few places here, their country blues may appeal more to girls like Kid Rock and Jon Bon Jovi than us guys. It’s Social Distortion’s punk rock that scores much higher.

RATING: 3.5/5

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Music Review: Belphegor – Blood Magick Necromance

Belphegor returns with an impressive-at-first-listen album that merits several listens. Boasting of a good flow with well-spread riffs that contain the occasional squeal and some death metal chugging, Blood Magick Necromance is anything but black metal fast food. Those who’ve not been fans of Belphegor might be surprised at how engaging the band’s blackened death metal is here. With variations aplenty, Blood Magick Necromance stands out for its consistency; the band has displayed maturity in terms of song-writing before, but this album comes across as even more thought out.


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