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Facebook, Gujarat Unite To End Alcohol Prohibition

This may be the smartest move ever made by Gujaratis: A group of non-hypocritical, forward-thinking people in Gujarat has teamed up with Facebook to fight the booze ban in Gujarat.

Gujarat is the birthplace of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a vegetarian teetotaler. Gandhi is known as ‘Father Of The Nation’, and fuck knows why. Since he didn’t know how to enjoy a tipple, the state he was born in has been made to suffer.

The whole nation knows that bootleggers make a killing by selling booze in Gujarat, and that the people of Gujarat love a drink or five as much as the rest of us. Some of these people have decided to rise above the hypocrisy of the situation, and I applaud this move.

Not only will the legal sale of alcohol make things better (Marijuana is banned in India.  Has it stopped any of us from smoking charas-ganja?), but it’s a big step in setting an example – raising a voice against something so illogical is teaching kids not to grow up bullshitting themselves.

And hopefully, Gujarat will get a few beers actually worth drinking.

Way to go, India!

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Music Review: Soul Of Steel – Destiny

Mighty unusual of me to even bother with power metal, but this had to be done! Soul Of Steel isn’t a band that’ll make your cat fly away, and on the contrary, Destiny is music even the 80-year old granny next door will find herself nodding to. It’s that sweet, but ‘sweet’ in this case does not mean ‘sugary’.

What’s great about this album? Besides the fact that it could be the new definition of ‘listenable’, this is the most impossible-to-hate music, a remarkable feat for Soul Of Steel considering they are playing a genre I make fun of for the girlie vocals, the music style, the lyrics, the clothes, the look on their faces, the…  funny coming from an extreme metal lover, I know.

What’s truly awesome is how earnest the band is sounding on this album. The singer isn’t singing shrilly to communicate with a fucking dragon; his is the most natural singing that’s been on a heavy metal album in the longest time. He’s not trying to sound deep, he’s not attempting any ridiculous shit, he’s just singing. Not even too loud, mind you.

The riffs are unassuming but great, the solos make their presence felt without overstaying their welcome, the bass and the drums complement the vocals and guitars the way they should, and the other instruments have been added without complicating things. I don’t think you people understand what any of this means, so just listen to the album, okay?

I can’t believe I’ve considered a power metal album worthy of a 5-star rating, but Soul Of Steel’s Destiny has everything that makes heavy metal lovable except that it’s about as threatening as a bunny rabbit. How cute.


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