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Music Review: Lazarus A.D. – Black Rivers Flow

The first thing that hit me about Lazarus A.D. is how much like Pantera they sound. The singer sounds exactly like Philip Anselmo, the riffs are undoubtedly Dimebag Darrell, and throughout Black Rivers Flow it remains obvious and in front of the listener that this is pure Pantera worship. Lazarus A.D. deliver a kick to the balls with a slamming track called  American Dreams, and keep aiming to create the same effect with the other songs.The vocalist stops singing like Phil Anselmo on the title track (I’m happy to hear this bit of originality even though he doesn’t sound too great) only to return back to it on Casting Forward. The guitarists are excellent at creating those Pantera-esque riffs though they’re nowhere near Dimebag Darrell when it comes to soloing. I can’t help making this comparison, so I’ll say it aloud for the last time: Lazarus A.D. sounds exactly like Pantera except when the singer does his non-Phil Anselmo vocals because the guitarists’ biggest (and maybe only) influence is Dimebag Darrell. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that – somebody has to play this kind of music and make these songs.

How I miss you, Pantera.

RATING: 3.5/5

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Music Review: Artas – Riotology

Throwing Riotology straight at 2011, Artas sound freshly wounded and pissed off.  The album goes on for over an hour, and the band displays a variety of influences. From balls-out thrash they go to the more modern approach of more groove-oriented stuff, but the good part is Artas don’t have a rich sound and they don’t play math metal, or they would’ve been placed under the category of those make-college-idiots-happy bands.

Not content that the musicians are going freestyle with the metal, the vocalist sings in languages other than English as well, and convincingly. With so many songs crammed into one album, Artas deliver music that is bound to appeal to everybody at one point or another. The album gives a slight nod to metalcore but packs a punch nevertheless.

Artas aren’t moving in any fixed direction on Riotology, but nobody said they had to.


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Exhumation All Set To Destroy With Consider This

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