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Chicken Is Boring, Let’s Eat Dogs

Should a story about a man accused of stabbing a dog be grabbing headlines?

Somebody thinks so.

Animals die are killed every day. Hens, goats, pigs, cows – they’re slaughtered every single day.

Why doesn’t a bird’s murder become news?

Is it because we don’t eat dogs?

Well, China does. Vietnam does. Korea does.

Closer home, Mizoram does.

Big deal if a man in Miami stabbed his dog.

People hack and slash and butcher animals all over the world.

Dogs and cats – how, according to you, are they different from hens, goats, pigs and cows?

And how was the accused man’s dog his?

Did he give it birth? Did he buy the animal?

And what’s wrong if he stabbed an animal he paid money for?

People kill animals and we pay them.

Restaurants serve animal flesh, and we pay them good money for it.

In fact, I take pictures of and write about the meat that I eat at restaurants, and some of you enjoy reading about these culinary experiences of mine.

Why the love for dogs?

What have “food animals” done to deserve our indifference?

Dogs taste good, too – at least, that’s what I’ve been told.

And cats taste like chicken, I’ve heard.

Should ‘news’ about a dog that got stabbed by one of us humans even be getting our attention?

We, the animals who keep our ‘food’ in confinement all its life.

ANIMALS: Should we care whether they’re slaughtered for food or become roadkill?

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