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Game Review: Vanquish

By Aritro Roy


Platform – PS 3

Developer / Publisher – SEGA / PlatinumGames

Score – 8.8 / 10

Third Person Shooter

THIS GAME IS SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN. It is fast, furious and frantic. If you are even remotely susceptible to seizures, this game will make sure that you get one. Technically this game is almost flawless. Story; in a future of economic chaos, Russia has begun killing (again….!!!????). C’mon hasn’t Russia taking over the world been done like a gazillion times in the past, in every form of media meant to entertain? The story itself is nothing special; some plot twists here and there, nothing to speak off. Although, the game itself………. some of the best few hours spent off of any game released in 2010. This game is so damn frantic that you are lucky the controls are glitch free and smoother than a Brazilian model’s legs. The visuals are beautiful. The suit that your character wears literally looks alive. The way that suit is animated…. I want me one of those.  You are destroying big ugly Russian robots. EXPLOSIONS, EXPLOSIONS AND MORE EXPLOSIONS. Weapons are your standard assault rifles, sniper rifles, RPGs and the lot. Weapon upgrade system was kind of interesting. You have your basic upgrade pickups and after having full ammo, the more weapons of the same type you pick up will slowly upgrade to whatever specs it needs to. Melee is bad ass and it is weapon specific. Boss battles, are with lesser variety. You have a few different kinds of bosses, but the next time is probably with 2 of same kind at the same time. You have bullet time / slo mo feature. I have a soft corner when games that have the bullet time function. Max Payne is still one of my favourite games. Slo mo can kick when you want it to and it also kicks in when you are low on health giving you a fighting chance. Suit boosters…. this is a new one. Not a jetpack sort of thing (a la Dark Void), more like zomming from cover to cover. Stay at one place and enemies will close in. The game itself is not really difficult if you can get used to that aspect of the game. I know this may not sound very intimidating, but this game has so much going on every moment that you can loose focus and just die, well me atleast, I had to get used to it. Voice acting is hilarious. Corny and cheesy… The dudes sound like they just got a needle full of testosorone and have a mouth full of rocks. A lot of times the voice acting can get spotty. I don’t know, but they might have done that on purpose. But when things blow up they sound like they are blowing up. I will give it to these guys, even when your screen is completely lit up and it will be during almost all your battles, you barely have a loss in framerate. It is really short. Get it on a Friday and will be done before the weekend is over with. I clocked in a little shy of 7 hours when the game was completed. But like I said, some of the best few hours I have had in a game.  Game-play scenarios have a decent amount of variety as well. There are times you will be trying to cross a bridge thats collapsing and train sequences. The entire game is based off a satellite in space and thus, me was a wee lil worried about how the levels might look. But hell they even have a little forest, a place that looks like a metropolitan times square.  Sadly, the game didn’t do too well, sales-wise I mean. I saw it as the “Underdog of the Year” on a couple of websites.

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