Music Review: Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding (2011)

Fortunately or otherwise, the only element on Beady Eye’s debut album that sounds like Oasis is the voice. Liam Gallagher is in a completely different space on Different Gear, Still Speeding – even with his love for The Beatles intact. The lyrics are occasionally directed at Noel Gallagher, and the music is often upbeat rock n’ roll with some bluesy guitar licks.

Four Letter Word isn’t the rocker one would expect them to begin with; it’s surprising they chose this to open the album. Then come Millionaire and The Roller, two songs that don’t do much at first, but grow on you with more listens. Beatles And Stones is an unabashed tribute to good old rock n’ roll, and Liam sings, “It’s just a wind up dream, so don’t wake me up/ ’cause I like what I see with my eyes shut”, on Wind Up Dream, which sounds like a filler that can work decently with a live audience. Actually, all the songs here are easy listening that a live audience (Oasis’) would enjoy. The band really jams it up on Bring The Light, and For Anyone is a beautiful, beautiful song – it’d be perfect if it lasted longer. Beady Eye sound in a very comfortable place on Kill For A Dream, The Beatles’ influence showing in the way they go na-na-na. Standing On The Edge Of Noise could have done with being punchier; it feels terrible when a song with great potential is forgotten by your mind immediately after it stops playing. Jamming slow and experimental on Wigwam, Beady Eye start wrapping up Different Gear, Still Speeding with a forgettable Three Ring Circus, the splendid The Beat Goes On, and end the album as how they see fitting with The Morning Son. I really don’t have an opinion on the last one.

None of the songs on this album are instant hits that will put Beady Eye in a higher place than or even on par with Oasis, but maybe Liam Gallagher and the others will have a better chance of achieving that with the next album – as of now they’re loving every bit of their freedom, and it shows.

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