Beer Snobbery 1

Stale Beer Makes For Unhappy Hours

Restobars that serve a pitcher of draught beer free on one on a regular basis have been serving stale beer. The people who realize something’s wrong with the beer (it’s not flat) are convinced by the waiter, who stirs the beer with a fork to produce bubbles, that the beer isn’t flat. In less than three seconds, the drink goes dead again because it’s very stale.

At such places (that have the 1+1 free scheme), the best thing to do during happy hours is have liquor. Also, try sticking to your usual brand of whisky because unless you’re a whisky expert, you won’t know what they’ve given you after the second scotch.

Vijay Mallya still doesn’t know that the best beer to come out of United Breweries is London Pilsner.

What every beer lover in Mumbai should do is run to Living Liquidz and sample the beers reviewed on this blog. There are stouts, ales and lagers and they taste nothing like our local beer. It’ll be a while before pubs and restaurants start thinking beyond Heineken and Corona and Indian lagers, but we have Living Liquidz (and all its outlets) in Bombay!

Overheard at a wine shop: Ek Keengfeeser dilade… nahin toh Foe-shtur pilade!


9 Responses to “Beer Snobbery 1”

  1. 1 Pradeep
    March 29, 2011 at 04:55

    Living Liquidz, aye? Will try. Is it expensive? Post pics!

    Also, nothing’s funnier than hearing a guy ask for “Bhensun” at a cigarette tapri. xD


    • March 29, 2011 at 06:59

      Expensive, yes… but absolutely worth it.

      Many Holis ago, one bhaiya was so high on bhang that he asked a paanwaalah for a ‘chhota gold spot’ instead of Gold Flake.


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