Restaurant Review: Alfredo’s

Sausage Pizza + Kingfisher Draught Pitcher

There couldn’t be a worthier place than Alfredo’s to write about for the 500th post on this blog. Alfredo’s – the restobar in which this writer discovered the joys of guzzling draught beer by the pitcher and smoking cigarettes while waiting for the yummiest pizza to show up. This was 15 years ago – we skipped school a few times to attend the ‘beer & pizza greatness’ show at Alfredo’s, and in turn it became my favourite hangout.

Not all the food here is great – you have to try different things every time and decide what you really like. What you should call for right away are the minced meat nachos (they come trapped in gooey cheese under a thick layer of perfectly spiced mutton kheema) and roast lamb in herbs and garlic (chunks of meat in a brown gravy with vegetables and a small portion of rice). The thin crust pizzas at Alfredo’s are mind-blowing, mainly because they use two or three kinds of cheeses which make the pizza taste unlike pizzas elsewhere. Vegetarians and teetotalers, please don’t bore me right now.

Roast Lamb In Herbs And Garlic

When I’m lost or in a celebratory mood, my feet start moving towards Alfredo’s and my ass plonks itself on a chair and some waiter, without saying a word, will place a pitcher of fresh Kingfisher Draught and a bowl of salted peanuts on my table. Even if I’m blindfolded and abducted by aliens, I’ll somehow find my way to Alfredo’s and all the waiters will nudge each other knowing that the thirsty man has arrived. Satan bless them.

Only cool guys and hot girls can truly relax and be excited at the same time in the amazing atmosphere of the yellow-shaded Alfredo’s, irrespective of whether they’re seated downstairs (where the laidback waiters are) or in the upper section (with the cockroaches). If you’re a guy chilling with me at Alfredo’s, it means I respect you as a man and think you deserve all the good things in life. If you’re a woman chilling with me at Alfredo’s, it means I’m going to sodomize you in a bit.

I love you, Alfredo’s… you are my comfort zone.

16 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Alfredo’s”

  1. 1 navin
    April 18, 2011 at 03:31

    sounds good, similar to white castle? lol


  2. April 18, 2011 at 07:24

    lol, she’s got a big ass – in the first pic.


  3. 8 Sahil
    February 7, 2013 at 17:12

    Don’t you gain any weight? I gained 8-10 kilos since I quit smoking 4-5 months. I’m under strict diet control and gymming frequently now.


    • February 7, 2013 at 17:18

      Believe it or not, I put on like crazy after I quit drinking. My girlfriends thought it made me look healthier but I only felt FAT.

      I started drinking again and now I don’t feel or look that bloated. It’s really weird, I know!


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