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Justice Has Been Served In The Neeraj Grover Murder Case

GOOD RIDDANCE: Bye bye, beta!

How many men would walk away silently after barging into their girlfriend’s home and finding a naked man there? None – only pussies would. Emile Jerome Matthew discovered Neeraj Grover in the nude at Maria Susairaj’s house, and the men got into an altercation which had to lead to something big. It ended with Grover getting chopped in small pieces. Emile got sentenced to 10 years in jail for killing someone in blind rage, so what’s the problem?

All you idiots who think justice has been denied, ask yourselves what kind of justice would it have been if EJM had merely jumped up and down in anger and Neeraj Grover would have gone home sniggering. The dead dumb-ass you guys are going on protest walks for was getting sex because he had convinced the whore-bag he could get her plum roles on television. If she was a manipulative bitch, that was entirely Grover’s bad luck. Emile Jerome Matthew was fucking her the way any real man would – on merit.

Sad as it is for Neeraj Grover’s parents, it is also their misfortune that their son was a beta male who got what he deserved for fucking a superior man’s girlfriend. Now don’t give me shit like ‘an alpha male would have walked away’ – think about all the things you’ve said and done in anger, and then understand that EJM found Neeraj Grover in the buff at his girlfriend’s house. Think about how you would have channeled your rage, and then shut the fuck up.

The alpha caught the beta with his woman and punished him for it. End of story.

To all you Anna Hazare wannabes: go for a long walk, and when you get tired walking for a dead beta male, shove the candle up your ass.

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