Music Review: Arch Enemy – Khaos Legions

I can think of no finer band than Arch Enemy that has ruined its chances of remaining legendary. With songwriting and musicianship of this nature, they would have been sitting pretty in my list of all-time top metal bands if they’d still had Johan Liiva. It may be none of my business, but Liiva’s was the style that matched Arch Enemy’s music. His gruff vocal delivery and the lyrical depth he brought with him blended with classy riffs and smoking hot guitar solos stirred up by the Amott brothers and together with the thumping bass and airtight drumming, Arch Enemy made for splendid listening. Just listen to Burning Bridges from start to end and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Even as Khaos Legions begins with an instrumental, I know what is in store: Terrific music with poorly placed vocals singing immature lyrics – it’s been this way since fucking 2001. Angela Gossow can produce harsh growls alright, but the only reason I’m even giving this a listen is because I know what kind of tension the brothers Amott can create. I’ve heard it on Black Earth and Stigmata and Burning Bridges with Johan Liiva singing deeply emotional lyrics in his nihilistic way. And I’ve heard Angela Gossow do it all wrong on Wages Of Sin and the albums that followed.

Yeah, the music review. Arch Enemy makes fucking killer music. The riffing is insane and the guitar solos are smoking hot. Ditto for bass and the drums. This is melodic death metal that pummels you.

The novelty of a bodacious female death metal growler may attract countless young fans from all over the globe, but the bad singing is not fooling me one bit, and till the end of time will I lament the loss of one of my favourite bands only because the microphone is in the wrong hands.



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