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Music Review: Anthrax – Worship Music (2011)

Magnificent is not a word that can be used to describe Anthrax’s music. It can be shamelessly flung around when speaking of their peers: Metallica was grand, Megadeth has finesse, and Slayer had unmatched aggression – but AnthraxAnthrax lacked the x-factor, that certain something which made the other three titans of thrash click with every metalhead; those three bands turned countless kids into metalheads.

Worship Music takes a few listens to get used to; the first two tracks hardly make an impression, but the thrash metal really fucking flows after that. The album sees the return of Joey Belladona, which should be the highlight for old-time fans, and he doesn’t disappoint. Even if you didn’t think too much of Anthrax earlier ‘classics’; never cared for Joey’s singing style; didn’t consider yourself a fan of the band – Belly Of The Beast from Persistence Of Time being the only Anthrax song you enjoyed banging your head to, you have to give it to the band and the man – some of the songs are very good, and Belladona sounds fucking amazing. He sings with power and righteousness, and despite the kind of groovy songs the band threw around when John Bush (Armoured Saint) was the frontman, Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t and I’m Alive are enough to teach anyone that Joey Belladona was always meant to be the vocalist for Anthrax.

Anthrax’s 2011 album has the band pounding away you’d expect them to, with NWOBHM influences showing in places. Charlie Benante and Scott Ian are great as ever, and it is them I think of whenever the topic of Anthrax comes up. The band has mixed old-school thrash with the groovier songwriting style they later adopted, and adding melodies to the pounding definitely makes the songs more interesting.

On Judas Priest is a part that sounds like the chorus of Sheila Ki Jawani.

With an aging Metallica dragging themselves to India after Iron Maiden (way past their prime) and Megadeth (their next album says something in chat lingo), and with Slayer too tired to do anything, this may very well be Anthrax’s moment.

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