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Music Review: Alice Cooper – Welcome 2 My Nightmare (2011)

Supposedly the sequel to the classic, Welcome 2 My Nightmare has quite a few good songs. Starting the album with I Am Made Of You, Alice Cooper sounds like the prince of darkness, following it up with Caffeine – a song that makes it clear where Dave Mustaine gets his singing style from, and the songs that follow are poetic rock n’ roll. A Runaway Train sounds like Bob Dylan in a hair metal band, and Last Man On Earth is pure Tom Waits stuff. The original Welcome To My Nightmare line-up is playing on this one, and they’re a backbone strong enough to let Alice be as silly as he wants. Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever and Ghouls Gone Wild – hilarious and ridiculous, and What Baby Wants – a duet with Ke$ha on which Alice sings like he’s auditioning for Black Eyed Peas. Wait, he’s experimenting. Then you listen to a ballad like Something To Remember Me By and fun country music like I Gotta Get Outta Here and wonder how Alice Cooper can be effortlessly classy on some songs. Alice Cooper‘s bringing ‘shock rock’ back even if it’s more glam than shock, I’ll Bite Your Face Off being the best example. Welcome 2 My Nightmare is as frightening as the guy on its album cover, but so much fun to listen to!

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