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Non-Alcoholic Beer Review: Beck’s

Light and refreshing, Beck’s is a good alternative to wash your food down with if you’re avoiding alcohol. There’s very little skunkiness here – just a malt presence. The head is pretty impressive for a brew without alcohol, and the beer leaves lacing in rings that get thicker as the glass gets emptier. Beck’s Non-Alcoholic Beer isn’t dry either… quite nice for our weather. Make a lager drinker have it without telling them what it is and they’ll be wondering why they’re not getting a buzz.

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Beer Review: Chimay Blue

Reviewed at the 1st Mumbai International Beer Festival.

After a year of eluding me, this stubby was caught sitting smug at D’Monte Park, Bandra. Dark reddish brown, this highly rated Belgian ale is way too sweet. To hide the 9% alcohol volume, I guess. Malt, spices – and a bit of a medicinal taste, and this beer is syrupy. If this is as complex as Chimay Red and Chimay White, I can’t tell. Chimay Blue can get you drunk but isn’t fun to drink. The trilogy is complete.

RATING: 3.5/5

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Music Review: Tom Waits – Bad As Me (2011)

Fuck. If you haven’t heard Tom Waits, you have options: Listen to Tom Waits or kill yourself. Hey, metalheads – want to hear an old man spew more wisdom than Motorhead’s Lemmy? Hey, ordinary people – want to feel like you’re in another country? Decades ago? In a bar, perhaps? Drunk out of your fucking mind? Yeah, man – seven years since the last album and old boy Tom Waits not only has it, but has it badder than ever. Be drunk, motherfuckers… be drunk out of your minds; there are enough instruments playing peek-a-boo here to satisfy your mommy, and Tom Fucking Waits charged with more energy than ever… so, go to papa – he even abandons that gravel-throated croaky delivery to croon a few songs in this set of yet another bunch of classics. Yeah, man – fuck the pretentious shit the Metallica boys are trying to pull off with Lou Reed – what we’ve got here is a man who knows it all – hell, Lemmy would do well to take a few tips from our man Tom Waits in 20-fucking-11. Did I say the new Machine Head was a contender for album of the year? What a fucking joke. Did I love the new Burzum for being all true and pure? It don’t get truer and purer than this, motherfucker; Tom Waits is the baap of everyone I’ve lent an ear to, and I want to give him my heart, but it’s my soul he’s after, and he’s grabbed it and he’s kept it right next to the piano that’s been drinking. And where the fuck am I, man? I’m in the tavern one minute with all those instruments blaring pompously in my face, and the next minute I’m outside the fucking bar on the pavement wondering where I went wrong in life. And a beggar is looking at me, and a rich man walked by, and the heartbroken boy’s still in the bar, and they’re all clueless as I.




Beer Review: Duvel

I was promised a tulip at the Duvel stall at the 1st Mumbai International Beer Festival, but they haven’t contacted me and next time I’ll just steal one.

This strong ale pours a light, cloudy golden and has a huge, foamy head.

A fruity sweetness is obvious in the smell, and the taste goes sweet and bitter, with yeast and a hint of fruit. Clear malt and a hint of spices – this is a creamy drink.

Duvel is a strong drink; how the 8.5% alcohol will enter your head you will never know.

One of the best beers I’ve had.

RATING: 4.5/5


Beer Review: Sagres Cerveja

Reviewed at the 1st Mumbai International Beer Festival


A typical lager, Sagres Cerveja has a golden body and adjunct properties. Smooth it is, but not very crisp. Nothing to get excited about or go out of your way for.

RATING: 2.5/5 


Music Review: Megadeth – Th1rt3en

Okay, so it’s not chat lingo. The ‘i’ has been turned to 1 and ‘e’ to 3 to incorporate the digits in the album title. Two years after the splendid Endgame, Megadeth have returned sneering with album number “Th1rt3en”, a rather enjoyable piece of thrash.

Dave Mustaine knows perfectly well the formulas that make Megadeth click, and on Th1rt3en, the band puts aside Endgame’s ‘let’s-blow-everything-away’ mindset to go back to a more comfortable style. That means it’s less speed metal and more thrash metal this time.

Having slowed down the speed, Megadeth have upped the level of dynamics; plenty of solos thrown into this thrash mix, parts that change very often, and the production is very classy. There were a lot of songs on Endgame that sent me into headbanging frenzies, and Th1rt3en is not very different – it just took a bit longer to grow on me. Unlike Endgame, which was an outpour of uncontrollable energy that Megadeth could no longer contain, Th1rt3en is far more in control; it’s a show of great riffs woven together, with fast solos finding their way in and out of songs, and the drums providing thunderous beginnings to a few tracks.

Despite the amazing riffs and the abundance of solos on Th1rt3en, the first song that perks my interest comes very late on the album. Millennium Of The Blind sounds ominous and could’ve opened this album considering there’s no instrumental here. The one that follows, Deadly Nightshade could’ve also come earlier on the album because Dave Mustaine sounds more convincing singing this kind of material; the previous songs, however, aren’t substandard (of course – this is Dave Mustaine’s Megadeth) – they just take a few listens to get used to.

With Metallica playing backing band to Lou Reed, Slayer struggling to remain ‘extreme’, and Anthrax still struggling, there is one great thrash/speed metal band that has been, for the past many years, keeping and defending the heavy metal faith. Let’s hope they never turn their backs on us.


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Beer Review: Amstel Lager

Reviewed at the 1st Mumbai International Beer Festival

Not too keen on trying this after the weak Amstel Light, I was pleasantly surprised with Amstel Lager. Sipped an 80 ml serving of this bronze (not so very in the sunlight though) brew at the beer fest: Nice bitter hops; this doesn’t have the skunkiness I’ve come to expect from lagers, and no disgusting adjunct characteristics either. I really liked the pleasant sweet bitterness and the malt aftertaste. So much better than Amstel Light!

RATING: 3.5/5

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