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Beware Of Paulo Travels: A Warning For Tourists Traveling From Hampi To Gokarna

The bus from Hospet to Ankola will stop hours before the arrival time outside a lodge closed for the night. You will be told that connecting buses and autorickshaws will take you to Gokarna, but from 2 am to 5 am, you will see only trucks speed by.

The shutter of the lodge will go up, and a man pretending to be sleepy will come out feigning surprise. This is the croaky-voiced owner of the lodge named ‘Hotel Varadaraj’, and he will pretend to be concerned about the tourists who have been left stranded there.

He will call a friend, and the friend will drop you to your destination in his tempo. You will have to pay 1100 rupees to be taken to Gokarna because there are eleven of you in all. If you want to go to Om Beach, which is 5-6 km from Gokarna, you will have to pay 500 rupees more.

Then this tempo will drop you right outside Namaste Guest House at Om Beach, because the driver is friends with them, or outside a place that belongs to his pals in Gokarna.

Here’s a breakdown of the scam: The uncouth conductor on the Paulo Travels bus that departed from Hospet and stopped at Ankola because you were in Hampi and wanted to go to Gokarna gets you off the vehicle, dropping you right outside Varadaraj Lodge because he has an understanding with the owner who has an understanding with his friend, the tempo driver, who is buddies with guest house owners in Gokarna. They will all make extra money by making you so helpless that you will have to part with even more cash simply because you want to get out of that situation. Even the rickshaws that hover around like houseflies know it; you ask an autorickshaw driver how much a ride to Gokarna will cost, and he will ask, “Isn’t the tempo coming?”

It is an everyday thing, you see? – A nocturnal routine for Paulo Travels and Mr Lodge Owner and his tempo driver buddy and the guest houses at Om Beach and Gokarna.

So you, the one who is reading this, will save on extra (and unnecessary) costs if you travel by Paulo Travels during the day, or choose another bus service if you have to travel at night.

We had read about about Paulo Travels’ shady behaviour on another website but didn’t heed the warning, and paid the price for it. You don’t need to make the same mistake.

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