Restaurant Review: Mango Tree (Hampi)

As you walk along the Tungabhadra away from Hampi Bazaar, there’s a hand-painted signboard that tells which direction to go in for this popular restaurant. After the banana plantation, there is another signboard that tells you you’ve reached Mango Tree, and you see an enclosure that has geese, if the birds aren’t swimming in the river, that is. Remove your footwear and walk inside what is probably the only place in Hampi where you’ll get okay-ish food. Mango Tree doesn’t do justice to the cuisines it offers (Indian, Israeli, Continental), and they’re also are way too laidback (mango lassi and mango milkshake sometimes mean the same to them), but you’ll be impressed with the view. Under an old, sprawling mango tree, on a slab of granite, a chatai (straw mat) is laid out for you sit on and eat pure vegetarian food and drink non-alcoholic beverages looking at the river Tungabhadra, but you should also keep your eyes open for insects that fall from the tree and land in your drink or on your food. Mango Tree is the place in Hampi to laze around and sit back with a book at when you’re done marveling at the ruins of a civilization centuries old, and when there aren’t families creating a racket or the owners having an internal dispute, you can hear the water gushing around the huge stones.

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8 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Mango Tree (Hampi)”

  1. 1 you know who
    November 16, 2011 at 06:23

    I liked the pancakes and the riverside terraces and yesss, the sexy view!

    I was dying to see what it looked like in the moonlight but my guy didn’t wanna get mugged and/or raped amidst the bananas so … next time, we’re carrying pepper spray 😛


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