Restaurant Review: Global Fusion

If you’re in Mumbai and want to try sushi, Global Fusion is the place to rush to. For a fixed price, you can stuff yourself as much you want, and if you don’t like raw fish, you’ll find many other things to eat. The restaurant is huge, and you can walk around and look at all the food on display. The starters and select soups (which need to be prepared) will be brought to your table (you can try all the soups and all the starters, and they’re enough to fill your stomach), and the food that’s ready (some soups and the main courses), you’ll have to bring back to your table. The starters and soups are kick-ass, and there’s a lot of variety even for vegetarians and vegans. The Chinese main course is strictly okay, and the sushi… well, you’ll have a blast if you like it. I didn’t like the sushi or the sashimi or the tataki – actually, I fucking hated it, and tasted a little of everything because I knew at first bite that I wasn’t going to go near sushi again. Doesn’t Japanese cuisine have beef or pork? Again, there are vegetarian/vegan options if you don’t eat meat, but I bet even they suck. There’s California Roll Maki and Avocado Maki and many other makis and all of them should be called Teri Maa Ki. There’s unlimited packaged water and soft drinks and you’ll need lots of it to wash down the sashimi, because it’ll look really bad if you spit it out. It was great to sit by the fountain pond looking at the frog statues spout water at real fish, and eat those amazing starters, drink those great soups and have all that sweet shit for dessert, but I won’t be scurrying back to Global Fusion for sushi/sashimi/tataki anytime soon. And I wouldn’t offer wasabi even to my enemies. Let me say it in Gujarati… Su? Sheee!

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