Restaurant Review: Andy’s Pizzeria And Diner

Yet another pizza place that serves mediocre food, Andy’s Pizzeria and Diner in Khar West is a cross between a trendy joint and a fine-dining restaurant. The walls have pictures of food, and I fail to understand why one would want to look at pictures of food while eating, and some bright guy thinks you might want to look at a television screen set to a channel dedicated to cookery while the candle on your table is burning in the bright setting, in case you want to look at the silly cartoons and read the poor jokes on the table mats. The waiters aren’t as confused as the ambience, and are quite helpful, freely making suggestions, but there isn’t anything that will make you return to Andy’s Pizzeria and Diner. The food is average and overpriced, and you might have a good time if you’re drinking alcohol, but with the creamy mushroom soup, we found it hard to relax because of the commercial house music they were playing. They later switched to old pop music, making me happy, but then the boring vegetarian pizza came along, making me unhappy. The only pork topping they have is pepperoni, and that’s fucking cliched, even more than jalapenos and mozzarella. If your friends drag you to Andy’s Pizzeria and Diner, you should drink alcohol so that it isn’t a complete waste of time.

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