Music Review: Encipedium – Anthropogenic (2012)


1. Green River Killer 05:12
2. Sadomasochistic Perversity 05:48
3. Compulsive Act 06:36
4. Volkhoven in Fire 03:32
5. Delicious Brain Surgery 04:45
6. Consumed 06:02
7. Butchered, Bled and Eaten 04:45
8. Chainsaw Ripper 05:35
Total playing time 42:15

Germany’s Encipedium have released their full-length, Anthropogenic, which is the same as Compulsive Act, the promo they released last year. Anthropogenic is concept album about mass murders, and the band gets into the details with determination. The album maintains a great flow; some of the songs have typical psycho-killer intros and outros, and all the songs are superbly structured. Encipedium uses barely any screams here, the growling demands your constant attention and it remains in the centre of the force. The riffs are so nicely spread that not even in one place does the music sound forced, and there are melodic as well as technical guitar solos that keep things exciting, and clean parts and bass solos also have a place in Encipedium’s old-school brutal death metal. Even the one song on which begins on a predictable note turns itself around and surprises. Encipedium’s Anthropogenic is a very enjoyable album worth many listens.

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