Restaurant Review: Lucky Biryani & Kababs

It’s very sad that with popularity Lucky Biryani has forgotten what made it popular. Lucky Biryani & Kababs isn’t what it used to be, either in Bandra or elsewhere. The kababs are like the ones you’d find at any restaurant in Mumbai, the chicken and mutton dishes are strictly okay – there are so many of them that you have to try a different one every time before figuring out what you really like. The famous Lucky biryani is a greasy mess: oil drips from every grain of rice, and it’s obviously the oil that makes the biryani so loved. No complaints about the meat – the chicken and mutton are perfectly cooked, so even if you’re having the tandoori chicken (ordinary – you’ll find a better version of it at Bostan) or, if you’re not the kind to take risks, butter chicken (again – go to Bostan), at least, you’ll get to eat meat that has been cooked to perfection. Vegetarians should stay far away from Lucky Biryani & Kababs – there’s nothing for us here, not even decent dal fry, and by the waiters’ own admission, the vegetables are usually rotting because nobody orders vegetarian food at Lucky. The waiters will tell you that with glee, and strangely it’s the one thing they will say with confidence, because when it comes to making suggestions, they’re as clueless as you. The management also has little regard for hygiene: rats run free over and around the water kegs and on more than one occasion we’ve found the glasses they serve water in greasy and unwashed.

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