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Why Metalheads Should Always Wear Black

It has been brought to my notice that some people think metalheads shouldn’t dress in black or ‘look metal’. Statements like these tend to come from people who dress exactly according to the style of music they play, and we’re going to discuss in short why metalheads shouldn’t wear anything but black. Here are a few questions:

Do you attend wedding receptions in shorts and chappals?

Even been to the beach in formal attire?

Would you put on your most colourful shirt to attend a death ceremony?

Would you pick the ugliest shirt you own to wear on your first date with a hot chick?

Do you dress shabbily when going to a party?

Then why would you disrespect your music by not dressing appropriately for your band’s show?

We already know that people attend music concerts not just to listen to live renditions of songs they like, but to also see the band. Now if you’re an extreme metal band and happen to be performing in pink/blue/yellow t-shirts, you know exactly how seriously the audience is going to take your music.

That it’s the music that matters is something we all know, but if you’re dressed like you’re on a chai-and-smoke break,  seeing your band’s live performance won’t be such a wholesome experience. Even I’ve made the mistake of not wearing black for performances and I later understood the importance of choosing the right attire.

Imagine James Hetfield dressed in clothes he picked up from fucking Hawaii.

Think of Rob Halford walking onstage in his favourite jeans and t-shirt.

Angus Young in jeans, maybe?

Or perhaps a grunge band in spikes, leather and corpse paint?

Picture your favourite black/death metal band dressed like your band.

Just ruined your fun, didn’t I?

This post isn’t suggesting you put on the battle armour when you’re out shopping or buying groceries with the girlfriend, though it would be nice and cool and funny and would keep a metalhead smiling all day. Just remember that you dress “appropriately” for all occasions and even your daily routines, so there’s clearly no harm in looking the part and delivering the goods.

There’s going to be a post next week on why some bands sing exclusively about the devil and other dark stuff, and I’m going to try and explain that in a less angry and more sensible way.

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