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Music Review: Cannibal Corpse – Torture (2012)

Had a smaller band released an album titled Torture, it would’ve been laughed off. But one has to take a couple of steps back in disbelief and fear when one thinks of the Cannibal Corpse logo above the word ‘torture’, because with that name comes a guarantee of unadulterated brutal death metal bliss no other band can match up to the quality of.

The visceral power of this unit is legendary; they come at you like hungry barbarians who’ve chanced upon a sheep, pounding away like it’s the first time they’ve got that chance, surprising you with how they keep their attack fresh each time without succumbing to the pressure of doing something new.

As became their style long ago, Cannibal Corpse begin the album with a frenzied assault: ‘Demented Aggression’ becomes the youngest brother of opening cuts like ‘Priests Of Sodom’ (from Evisceration Plague), ‘Pounded Into Dust’ (from Bloodthirst – my favourite CC record from the Corpsegrinder era)  ‘I Will Kill You’ (Gallery Of Suicide), ‘Devoured By Vermin’ (Vile), ‘Savage Butchery’ (Gore Obsessed) – yeah, I’m going to name them all, or as many as I can think of right now – ‘Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead’ (The Bleeding), ‘Meathook Sodomy’ (Butchered At Birth) and of course, ‘Hammer-Smashed Face’ (Tomb Of The Mutilated), ramming into you without a warning and preparing you for the next 30 minutes or so of battering, with is done in the usual way: some more pummeling tracks, a couple of fillers, instrumentals or experimental pieces of music dripping with bile. With songs like ‘Encased In Cement’ and ‘Followed Home Then Killed’, Cannibal Corpse assure you they’re going to push ‘As Deep As The Knife Will Go’.

Technically, Cannibal Corpse have never lacked anything: Chris Barnes was perfect for what they were doing back then, and George Fisher is a powerful monster with the richest growls in death metal. What am I doing? It’s pointless talking about Cannibal Corpse’s musicianship – they’re Cannibal Corpse: the band that defines death metal with every album. I’m not sure what other ‘fans’ expect of them, but I certainly don’t want them cave in to the pressure of trying to redefine their style or reinvent themselves and fall flat on their face. To hell with that… it’s thrilling to be reassured with every release that there’s one band that doesn’t care about jumping out of the vast boundaries it has created for itself and the genre.

Cannibal Corpse are relentless on Torture; predictable as you think they are, you can never guess what they’re going to do next. In the river of pus they’ll be hacking cadavers rabidly for a few seconds and then will suddenly throw you a groovy piece of flesh to rip apart as you regenerate in the fountain of blood.

Say what you will about CC, but you’ll always remember them as the most consistent death metal band ever; Cannibal Corpse have always been the best at merging gore-soaked brutality and ghastly horror with top-notch technicality to become a flesh-ripping, bloodthirsty beast that erodes everything in its path.

Torture, exactly like every other Cannibal Corpse album, is brutal death metal at its most sophisticated. It’s overpowering, even if not always overwhelming, and it’s futile trying to fight what was created to kill. We can only decompose in sickness and disease under the rotting pile of carcasses.

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